Factory service

The ZEWOTHERM factory customer service enables a quick commissioning of the heat pump and/or ventilation system as well as a simultaneous inspection of the entire installation. The service is present throughout Germany and offers fast and professional support. In addition to commissioning, it is also available in the event of any faults in the system.

Please note that the order is always placed in writing by the wholesaler involved. Our technician will draw up a corresponding protocol. Unfortunately, this service cannot be offered for mixed installations containing products from other manufacturers. For full warranty maintenance, the heat pump system must be commissioned by the factory customer service or a certified refrigeration specialist. Please register the factory commissioning at least 10 working days before the desired date! Please use the corresponding registration forms, which you can find in the download area.

The heat pump installation package includes the following contents:

  • Inspection of system hydraulics and electrical wiring
  • Connection of the on-site installed cooling lines to the outdoor and indoor unit
  • Impression / rough test of the on-site refrigeration lines
  • Tightness / fine inspection of the on-site refrigeration lines
  • Evacuation and filling of refrigeration lines
  • Refilling / supplementation of refrigerant for longer pipe lengths
  • Setting and printing of all control parameters
  • Acceptance report
  • The duration of installation is 3-5 hours, depending on the situation.

The residential ventilation installation package includes the following contents:

  • Function test of the ventilation unit
  • Adjustment of the fan stages by calculated values according to DIN 1956-6
  • Adjustment of eight ventilation valves by (on-site) existing planning documents
  • Instruction of the user
  • The order is always placed in writing. Our technician creates an IBN protocol.

Please direct inquiries concerning the ZEWOTHERM factory customer service to us:
Tel.: (0 26 42) 90 56 940
E-Mail: [email protected]

In case of malfunctions outside our business hours, our customer service is ready to assist you:
Tel.: (0 26 42) 90 56 947


The order forms can be found here: Wärmepumpen, Kontrollierte Wohnraumlüftung


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