Enjoy warmth in modules

The ZEWOTHERM wall heating in drywall construction is a prefabricated modular system, which consists of finished wall heating plates with integrated pipe registers. The wall heating panels, which are only 18mm thin, are made of gypsum fibre material. In which the high-quality ZEWOTHERM PB heating pipe is already integrated. The modular panels can be mounted on a substructure made of on-site, commercially available profiles (wood or metal) on all walls. This saves laborious and above all dirty demolition work. Thanks to the simple and clean technology, it can also be installed in existing properties during use.

The wall heating modules are available in five panel sizes that cover all installation situations. The modular dry construction technology allows a quick and individual installation without much dirt and effort. Using drywall screws, the panels are mounted on a substructure suitable for dry interior construction, thus creating - depending on the application - a heating wall and partition wall in one. The prefabricated modular panels can be connected in series up to a pipe length of 80 m (80 m means 1 heating circuit).


  • For heating and cooling 
  • Prefabricated module plates with PB heating pipe 
  • Heating & partition wall in one
  • Serial connection of several module plates
  • System construction only 18 mm (plus substructure)

Design example

A. Polybutene heating pipe 12 x 1,3
B. Wall heating module
C. Drywall screw
D. Substructure (Lattung)
* plus Substructure

Installation instructions

  • The wall heating modules are mounted on a substructure made of wood or metal at a distance of 31 cm from the centre of the profile, with the aid of dummy bolts (20 pcs/m²).
  • The individual modules are joined with a joint adhesive, whereby the panels are glued "butt on butt".
  • Expansion joints of approx. 2-3 mm must be maintained on the masonry and every 10 m.
  • The tubes of the individual modules are connected by press connectors or connecting couplings.
  • The maximum heating circuit length incl. connecting pipe is 80 m. This corresponds to a heating circuit size of approx. 6 m².
  • Any final work must be carried out by a drywall builder or painter.