Heat through the wall

Thanks to the gentle radiant heat, surface heating ensures a holistic sense of well-being. In addition to underfloor heating systems, ZEWOTHERM also offers high-performance wall heating solutions. These use the wall surfaces for heat or cooling output and, depending on the requirements, represent a perfect complement or a fully-fledged alternative to underfloor heating. Optionally, the wall heating can also be used for cooling in summer. In conjunction with regenerative energy generators, e.g. the ZEWOTHERM heat pump, the entire heating system works on an efficiency course.

Wall heating is often used for renovation purposes, e.g. when valuable floor coverings are not to be changed. In new buildings it can also be used as the sole heating system. Depending on the application, easy to install, lightweight dry construction systems or wet plaster solutions are available. Even the later decoration of the walls is no problem thanks to the thermal foil. By simply placing it on the wall, you can easily and reliably determine where the heating pipes run.

Two individual systems - one perfect result

The ZEWOTHERM underfloor heating as wall heating system is available in wet construction (plaster technology) or dry construction technology. Wall heating in plaster technology is used both in new buildings and in renovation projects; for renovations, prefabricated houses and/or subsequent use, the convenient dry construction system is the perfect choice.


  • No disturbing radiators
  • Two efficient systems
  • Can be used as a stand-alone heating system or in combination with underfloor heating
  • Invisible solution for fixtures where underfloor heating may not be possible
  • Ideal in combination with regenerative energy generators, e.g. heat pump