Robust applications require robust solutions

Industrial halls require cost-effective, maintenance-free and robust heating and cooling systems. The ZEWO Industry system (industrial floor heating) is ideal for all industrial, production and warehouse buildings and has been specially adapted to their requirements.

The system is reliable, robust and durable. The temperature control level is integrated in the hall floor, so that the entire area can be used for storage or other operational processes. The low-maintenance heating system ensures reduced operating costs and, due to the system-related low flow temperatures, demonstrable energy savings, which can be increased even further in conjunction with the use of regenerative energy generators.


  • Cost-effective heating and cooling system with fast payback time
  • Maintenance-free system
  • Robust, maintenance-free heating and cooling system for hall applications
  • Unrestricted use of the hall areas 

Industrial distributor

The ZEWO industrial distributor is a modular heating / brine distributor with connection 1½", especially designed for the use in industrial floor heating / component activation. It consists of glass fibre reinforced polyamide. The heating and brine circuits are shut off via valves on the flow and return. No tools are required for the assembly of the manifold. The modules are self-sealing connected by O-rings.

All seals and the fixing material are included. It is only suitable for distributing heating water and brine (water-glycol mixture); it is not to be used for the distribution of drinking water.

Matching modular distribution cabinet for industrial distributors

To ensure that the distributors are optimally protected against dirt and damage, we have expanded our range to include the appropriate industrial distribution cabinets. The surface-mounted cabinets are especially designed for industrial use and convince by a robust workmanship.

If necessary, they can be extended modularly. By opening the side wall, an adaptation to the corresponding distributor size is possible.


  • Easy installation due to completely removable front cover (provided with a key lock)
  • Modularly expandable with removable side walls on both sides
  • With convenient distributor mounting rail
  • Flow and return connections optionally from left, right or bottom
  • Made of robust, galvanised steel plates
  • Powder coated, colour white (similar to RAL 9016)

Design example

A. Concrete
B. heating pipe PE-Xa/PE-Xc
C. Reinforced steel mesh
D. Cable ties
E. Gravel fill
F. Levelling layer