Large projects simply tempered

Especially for commercially used objects (e.g. office buildings) the system of building component activation is suitable. The BTA uses the storage masses of a building (ceiling / floors) to actively influence the indoor climate. Flexible steel mat modules with integrated heating pipe registers run directly in the concrete level and release tempered water for storage and temperature compensation. Night air or earth cooling energy or low temperature heating energy is thus fed into the building components at low cost. The "activated floor slabs" absorb the heat during the period of use and release it again with a time delay. This results in a constant temperature equalisation of the entire building, which almost covers the basic load of a building.

The system consists of ready-made and flexible modules, which are manufactured specifically for each building. These consist of a construction steel mat (bar dimension 6 mm), on which the quality heating pipe (PE-Xc or PE-Xa 20 mm) is fixed at a laying distance of 150 mm, including the connecting pipe of 1 m per module (the fixing distance of the heating pipes is 400 mm). Alternatively, the range also takes into account manual installation. Here, pipe and mat can be combined individually.


  • Fast installation times due to prefabricated modules
  • Architectural freedom in interior design
  • Low investment costs
  • Maintenance-free system
  • Ideal for regenerative energy producers

Design example

A. Concrete
B. Upper reinforcement
C. Cable ties
D. Central reinforcement with heating pipe PE-Xa/PE-Xc
E. lower reinforcement
F. Spacer
G. Formwork