Minimum structure with maximum comfort

ZEWOTHERM develops and produces demand-optimised complete solutions for heating and cooling. The areas of application are as varied as the requirements and installation situations: From exclusive residential buildings to commercial office and commercial properties to industrial buildings with high traffic loads. The product range has a practical focus and includes a full range of products that contribute to successful installation, flawless functioning, long-lasting safety and simple operation of the systems. Standard applications for new building construction and special solutions for commercial and industrial buildings are just as much a part of the range as systems specially designed for the renovation sector.

For renovation and/or retrofitting in particular, there is an increasing demand for modern heating systems that require comfortable and up-to-date panel heating systems despite limited installation space. In some cases, there are only limited construction situations, e.g. only low installation heights are available, lightweight systems are prescribed due to the construction (statically sensitive ceilings for example) or the surface heating level must be laid on existing floor coverings.

The ZEWOTHERM renovation systems are prepared for all applications and allow for the most modern living comfort even in old buildings. All systems are characterised by an optimal control behaviour and short reaction times, work efficiently but still economically. They are easy to "dock" to existing heating systems and are supplemented by sophisticated control technology.

We will be pleased to advise you which system is best suited for your building project. Our technical and consulting staff look forward to hearing from you.