The two belong together

The Velcro system combines several positive characteristics of the classic laying techniques. For example, the tacker system "godfather" of the flexiblen pipe installation; subsequent installation corrections and tool-free processing are possible as with the burl system. The flexible foil velour top layer on the system insulation and the high-quality, spirally attached Velcro coating of the heating pipe create a simple but very durable connection. In the area of couplings and compression fittings, the Velcro tape can be easily removed from the pipe.

The system panels guarantee a quick and low-cutting installation, the printed installation grid serves as an orientation for the simple, system-compatible installation of the heating pipes according to project planning.


  • Two component system
  •  Fast one-man installation without tools
  • Manual application of the heating pipe
  • No damage to the insulation layer
  • Flexible choice of system insulation
  • Printed installation grid on the velcro multi-insulation roller for orientation
  • Simple yet very durable connection
  • Subsequent correction of the installed heating pipes possible
  • Suitable for use with cement screed and flowing screed

Design example

A. Floor covering

B. Tube cover 45 mm
C. heating pipe 17 x 2,0 17 mm
D. System insulation 30-3 27 mm
E. Additional insulation EPS 20 mm

= Construction height* 109 mm

F. Base plate / concrete ceiling

* plus floor covering

Main system components

ZEWO Velcro system insulation

Velcro multi insulation roll as thermal and impact sound insulation board according to DIN EN 13163 as internal insulation on ceilings or floor slabs according to DIN 4108-10. Fully covered with high-quality foil velour upper layer with grid imprint against screed moisture according to DIN 18560. The imprinted installation grid facilitates orientation and compliance with the installation distances according to project planning.

ZEWO Velcro tape roll

For clean interface bonding and additional securing.

ZEWO Velcro system heating pipe

High-quality polyethylene PE-Xc 4-layer system heating pipe according to DIN 4726, cross-linked in co-extrusion process. With oxygen barrier layer as well as an additional outer PE protective layer. The heating pipe is supplied ex works with a spiral velcro coating. It is placed on the system insulation without tools either by hand or with the practical pipe guide wall clamp. Further fastening tools are not required!

ZEWO Edge insulation strips

For laying floating screeds, flowing screeds and cement screeds with underfloor heating without sound bridges. To separate the screed from masonry or other fixtures.


For the complete product range as well as further technical information on our velcro system, please refer to the current product range list for panel heating or click on here.