Simply on wire.

The carrier mat system is the traditional basic system for new buildings in the residential and commercial sector. Two types of grid mats with different grid divisions ensure a professional and above all flexible installation. The separate heating and insulation layer levels allow a free choice of insulation. This means that the system can also be implemented with EPS impact sound insulation that is stronger for the intended use, even with high traffic loads (e.g. industrial halls). A clear advantage is also the clear "3-component system technology", which only requires three elements (support mat, fastening element, heating pipe). Three effektive versions are available for fastening the heating pipe; secure fastening can be achieved using either cable ties or wire matting ties, with which the support mats can also be fastened together. The heating pipe is easily and securely attached using the fastening clip (for pipes 16 - 18 mm) made of polyamide.


  • Exact and standard-compliant pipe spacing
  •  High holding force of the tubes on the carrier mat
  • one-man installation
  • Free choice of insulating materials

System components.

ZEWO Wire mesh girder mat

Made of smooth, 3 mm thick, corrosion-protected steel wire. Available in two grid sizes.

ZEWO fixing clip

For heating pipes 16-18 mm.

ZEWO Wire mat binder

Wire mat binder for fixing heating pipes on steel mats.

ZEWO tolerance foil

As covering foil/separating layer between thermal insulation and screed.

Installation instructions

The carrier mat system allows flexible laying of the surface heating level. Due to the separate heating and insulation layer levels, a free choice of insulation is possible.

The support mat is available in two grid divisions (100 or 150 mm) and thus enables flexible pipe installation at all common installation distances.

The carrier mat is laid above the cover foil. The mats are connected to each other with mat binders.

The pipes are securely fixed to the matting rods either with cable ties or wire matting ties or with the polyamide fixing clip (for 14-18 mm pipes).


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