ZEWO Stapler

Proven. Simple. Good.

The DIN-tested ZEWOTHERM tacker technology has proven itself a million times over and, with its ideally matched components, provides a perfect heating level. The heating pipe is reliably fixed by the EU standard-compliant tacker needles (with foil claws as well as active 8-anchor system) on the footfall sound insulation laminated with highly tear-resistant fabric foil. The printed grid facilitates cutting to size and serves as an orientation aid when laying the heating pipe.


  • Cost-oriented  laying technique proven millions of times
  • Simple one-man installation
  • Flexible installation of heating pipes (dim. 14-20 mm) with different pipe qualities
  • Safe holding force of the stapling needles in the highly tear-resistant fabric foil of the system insulation


A. Bodenbelag

B. Rohrüberdeckung 45 mm
C. Heizrohr 17 x 2,0 17 mm
D. Systemdämmung 30-3 27 mm
E. Zusatzdämmung EPS 20 mm

= Konstruktionshöhe* 109 mm

F. Bodenplatte / Betondecke

* zzgl. Bodenbelag

Main system components

ZEWO Multi insulation roll with fabric foil

EPS-CFC-free, with top side laminated, fabric-reinforced, tear-resistant foil top layer against screed moisture (DIN 18560) with silver-red grid imprint as laying aid for heating pipe installation. With one-sided, 30 mm wide film projection to cover the joint.

ZEWO Edge insulation strips

For laying floating screeds, flowing screeds and cement screeds with underfloor heating without sound bridges. As separation of the screed from the masonry or other installations. Simple and rational installation.

ZEWO Stapler Needle "PREMIUM"

Tacker needles made of impact-resistant plastic with foil claws as well as active 8-anchor system according to EU standard 1264-4, which ensure a perfect hold of the heating tube directly on the fabric foil. Suitable for the ZEWO system tacker and other commercially available tacker devices. For pipes up to 20 mm diameter.

ZEWO System stapler

Precise, low-wear tool for processing ZEWO tacker needles. Also suitable for short tacker needles.

Installation instructions

Efficiency through coordinated system components

The system components prefabricated at the factory enable efficient installation in just a few work steps in accordance with the preceding computer-precise project planning and in compliance with all applicable standards and regulations.

Verlegung Randdämmstreifen

Edge insulation strips

First the edge insulation strip is fixed to the wall. The welded-on Folienflansch must protrude visibly to the front so that it can be placed on top of the system insulation when the latter is subsequently laid.

Verlegung Systemdämmung

Installation system insulation

The system impact sound and thermal insulation (available as multi insulation roll or folding sheet/composite panel) allow a quick assembly

of the underfloor heating.

The insulation boards must always be flush with the edge insulation strip (tip: room length +1 cm, fits!) and the foil overlap must be on the previously laid strip aufliegen and must not leave any cavities.

When all butt edges are completely glued with the adhesive tape, the result is a closed, screed-tight Dämmschichtoberfläche.

Verlegung Heizrohr / Tackersystem

Fixation of the system pipe

With the ZEWOTHERM system tacker the tacker needles are quickly and precisely fixed (spiral or meandering) to the printed installation grid according to the project planning.

The fixing according to DIN should be carried out at least every 50 cm; two tacker needles should be placed before and after a sheet. The bending radius of 5 x D must not be undercut in the sheet areas. Care must be taken to ensure twist-free installation.

Additional information

  • If an additional insulation layer (e.g. insulation against the ground) is required in accordance with EnEV, this must be applied holohedral before laying the system insulation.
  • If the installation of connection couplings is necessary in case of repair (only in straight pipe sections), they must be positioned and marked exactly in the revision drawing.
  • When crossing expansion joints through the pipes, these must be provided with protective pipes of at least 300 mm length at this point. Expansion joints may only be crossed in one plane and only by supply lines.


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