Environmental protection begins on the ground

Comfortable room climate is now also bio-compatible. The ZEWOTHERM bio fibre system consists of a perforated fibre board, which is made of pressed wood fibres and is produced in an ecologically correct way without binding agents. The system board can be laid just as easily and quickly as the conventional ZEWOTHERM underfloor heating systems. And it is just as well thought out. Both impact sound and thermal insulation can be freely selected. The 3 mm thick and hard bio-fibre perforated board protects the underlying insulation from loads and possible damage.

The board is manufactured according to EN 316 and EN 622-2, without Klebstoff or synthetic colour additives: Wood is chopped and boiled in a water bath, pressed with a pressure of approx. 50 kg/cm². Paraffin prevents the wood mash from sticking to the press plunger. The boards receive an additional heat treatment over min. 160 °C in a thermal continuous dryer.

The heating tube is easily and quickly attached with the matching tube clip (hole spacing 5 cm); the boards are attached to each other with the board connectors, which are also made of ecological material. The intermediate foil produced from renewable raw materials forms the end of the ecologically correct heating surface.

The supplementary accessories such as the organic edge insulation strip is also made of wood fibre and completes the ecologically oriented product concept.


  • All organic components are ecologically produced
  • The impact sound and heat insulation is freely selectable
  • Harmless domestic wood-based material
  • Production with harmless domestic wood-based material Binding agent, therefore absolutely allergy-friendly and no outgassing of pollutants
  • Conservation of resources such as oil through the use of renewable raw materials

Main system components

ZEWO organic fibre perforated plate

Manufactured according to EN 316 and EN 622-2. The perforated organic fibre board consists of wood fibres without binding agents. Without thermal/impact sound insulation. For heating pipes 16 x 2.0 and 17 x 2.0 mm. Without adhesive or synthetic colour additives.

ZEWO bio edge insulation strips

Made of wood fibre, to avoid unwanted sound bridges.

ZEWO organic Intermediate Foil

Made from renewable raw materials. Meets the requirements of the German Food Code (LFGB).

ZEWO attachments

Manufactured without chemical additives, without artificial colour additives, suitable for food use.

Installation instructions

This well thought-out ecological surface heating system offers special advantages. Both impact sound and thermal insulation can be freely selected. In addition, conventional insulation is also available for selection: Mineral fibre (rock or glass wool) or polystyrene. The hard bio-fibre perforated plate protects the underlying insulation from damage.

Edge insulation strips

nstallation instructions

The organic edge insulation strip is made of wood fibre. It avoids unwanted sound bridges.

Alternatively, the proven edge insulation strip made of polyethylene-Schaumstoff can be used. It is attached to the wall; the Folienflansch (PE version) must project inwards.

Installation Insulation

The installation of the heat/impact sound insulation is carried out on a broom-clean subfloor. There are different materials to choose from, e.g. wood fibre, mineral fibre (rock/glass wool) or polystyrene, alternatively of course also on the regular EPS-CFC free system insulation.

Installation of bio-system plate

The bio-fibre perforated panel is placed on top of the finished insulation and the bio-moisture barrier film. If the perforated panel needs to be adjusted at the edges, it can be cut with a one-hand circular saw or a jigsaw.

Fixation of the system pipe

To fix the underfloor heating pipe, the pipe clips are inserted into the organic fibre perforated plate inserted at variable distances. Afterwards the system heating pipe is pressed into the pipe clips.

Screed constructions

After laying the underfloor heating pipes, screed work can begin immediately.


For the complete product range and further technical information on our bio-suitable perforated fibre system, please refer to the current product range list or click on the following link here.

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