Quality at the push of a button

The ZEWOTHERM burl system technology convinces by flexible, simple and quick installation of the panel heating by means of a simple push-button principle. "At the push of a button", high installation performance can be achieved in time-saving and practical one-man installation - both in large and small rooms with unusual floor plans. Uniform heat emission is achieved by the heating pipe which is completely enclosed by the screed, thus creating an optimum feel-good climate. The structure of the system panels complies with DIN EN 13163 (internal insulation on ceilings or floor slabs and under screeds according to DIN 4108-10) as well as DIN 18560.

Clearly arranged system components combine to form a popular system, which is available in two efficient versions, depending on requirements and specifications:

Knob system «Premium»

Flexible. Efficient. Fast.

The burl system technology in the proven premium version convinces through quick one-man installation using the push-button principle. Large areas, small room sizes or unusual floor plans can thus be easily laid with the easy-to-lay large-format tiles. With the clearly arranged, large-format knobs, all standard installation grids can be quickly and easily implemented. The spacers securely and safely accommodate heating pipes in the dimensions 14 - 17. Three plate types cover all common installation requirements, the pipe retaining knobs guarantee secure pipe fixing and the heating pipe is thus evenly enclosed by the screed.


  • Back-foamed, rigid knobs guarantee excellent walkability and protection Protection of the heating pipes
  • Heating pipe holder in the dimensions 14 - 17 mmre
  • Flexible installation grids 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30
  • one-man installation
  • Large format 1,450 x 850 mm
  • Low waste installation
  • Secure pipe fixation through pipe holding knobs
  • Axial and diagonal pipe laying (with diagonal fixing)
  • Height of knobs: 21 mm

Knob system «Object»

Objectively cheap.

For the economically oriented project business, the proven and robust knob system technology is also available as a low-cost but equally efficient product alternative. The ZEWO nub system "object" is, just like its "premium brother", a highly efficient system that is quick to install and combines all the advantages for quick one-man installation (axial and diagonal). The only difference between the systems is the stud arrangement, height and panel size.


  • Back-foamed, rigid knobs guarantee excellent walkability and protection of the heating pipes
  • Heating pipe holder in the dimensions 14 - 16 mm
  • Flexible laying grids 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30
  • One-man installation
  • Plate dimensions 1,000 x 1,000 mm
  • Low waste installation
  • Secure pipe fixation through pipe holding studs
  • Height of knobs 19 mm
  • With 90° axial and 45° diagonal pipe laying (without diagonal fixing)

Design example

A. Floor covering

B. Tube cover 45 mm
C. heating pipe 17 x 2,0 17 mm
D. Knob system plate 30-2 28 mm

= Construction height* 90 mm

E. Base plate / concrete ceiling

* plus floor covering

Installation instructions

The ZEWOTHERM burl system enables a quick, easy and effektive installation. The knobs ensure an absolutely firm hold of the heating pipe.

Knob arrangement

The system plates have a push-button connection. Each plate has two sides with mounting knobs and two sides each with snap-on knobs for clean and easy installation and optimum tightness.

Plate connection

The individual plates are connected by simply pressing the snap-on knobs onto the receiving knobs. This creates a screed-tight, continuous surface for the subsequent laying of the heating pipe.

The installation of the joint-to-joint technique results in almost cut-free processing. In the case of residues, simply remove the cover foil, shorten the insulation element by a row of knobs and replace the foil with overlap.

Pipe clamp

The heating pipe is simply pressed with the foot into the knobs..

Installation possibility

The knob arrangement allows axial (90°) or diagonal (45°) installation (with diagonal fixing).

Edge sealing

The knobbed panel is to be laid at the edge insulation strip screed-tight.

Compensation plate (EPS)

In the door passage or in front of heating circuit distributors, the compensation plate is used, whose thermal impact sound insulation is laminated with a fabric-reinforced foil top layer. The heating pipes are attached to the compensation plate with stapling needles.

Additional information

  • Connecting strips: The connecting strip must be used for flowing screed, otherwise no screed-tight connection is created.
  • Edge joint: The connection between the studded system panel and the EPS compensation panel is made with the foam adhesive tape at the cut edge or under the foil overhang.


For the complete product range as well as further technical information on our knob systems please refer to the current product range list or click here.