Safe and durable

One of the most important components of a heating system is the heating pipe. For this reason, heating pipes have to meet requirements that guarantee at least 50 years of operation with high safety reserves. The heating pipes must be oxygen-tight, corrosion-resistant and tear-resistant. Through regular internal and external quality controls (among others by the Süddeutsche Kunststoffzentrum SKZ in Würzburg and the Gesellschaft für Konformitätsbewertung in Berlin, DIN CERTCO) the ZEWOTHERM heating pipes are tested to the highest degree and guarantee a maximum of safety. Our product range comprises seven selected pipe qualities in different dimensions, which are perfectly matched to the respective applications and systems.

Heating pipe PE-Xa

The PE-Xa pipe convinces by a fast, flexible installation of surface heating systems/heating systems. The quality heating pipe is manufactured in a peroxidic infrared cross-linking process and complies with DIN EN 15875/DIN EN 1264-4. The cross-linked polyethylene heating pipe PE-Xa is a three-layer pipe, 100% oxygen-tight (EVOH oxygen barrier layer) and has a high resistance to pressure, corrosion and temperature (up to 95 °C). The inner compound of the pipe prevents possible deposits. The minimal pressure loss allows the system to work even more efficiently, and the high degree of flexibility enables fast and stress crack-free installation.


A.PE-Xa, B.adhesive agent, C.EVOH oxygen barrier

Heating pipe PE-Xc

By means of a special extrusion process, 5 layers are processed in one operation. After complete cross-linking, the oxygen barrier layer lies exactly in the middle. This pipe quality also has a special PE-Xc outer pipe, which is securely connected to the oxygen barrier via an additional adhesion promoter layer. The heating pipe is ideal for classic panel heating, but its robust design also makes it ideal for special applications (e.g. BTA) or underground installation.


A.PE-Xc, B.adhesive agent, C.EVOH oxygen barrier, B.adhesive agent, A.PE-Xc

Heating pipe PE-RT (3-layers)

For the production of the ZEWOTHERM PE-RT heating pipes (PE-RT = Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance) the material DOWLEX 2344 is used. It is the first material that has been specially developed for the production of pipes for underfloor heating and radiator connections. Thanks to its unique molecular structure with octene branches evenly distributed over the main chain and at the same time a narrow molecular weight distribution, cross-linking is not necessary to achieve long-term resistance under increased temperature and pressure conditions. Nevertheless, the tube is characterized by a user-friendly, super flexible application. The high toughness and strength as well as the excellent stress crack resistance are further advantages.


A.PE-RT, B.adhesive agent, C.EVOH oxygen barrier

Heating pipe PE-RT (5-layers)

The new ZEWOTHERM PE-RT 5-layer heating pipe (short for Polyethylene Raised Temperature) is manufactured from thermally resistant polyethylene in a five-layer compound process and is designed for use in the field of classic surface heating/surface cooling. The central oxygen barrier layer made of EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer) is reliably protected from mechanical damage by the outer PE layer. The heating pipe corresponds to the application according to DIN 4726, is MPA-tested and KIWA and KOMO certified. It has high strength, toughness and stress crack resistance. The material used, PE-RT type 1, makes the pipe extremely flexible and therefore easy to process. Due to its unique molecular structure with evenly distributed octene branches, it achieves (without cross-linking process) long-term resistance under regular pressure and temperature conditions.


A.PE-RT Typ 1, B.adhesive agent , C.EVOH oxygen barrier , B.coupling agent , A.PE-RT type 1

Heating pipe Polybutene

The ZEWOTHERM PB heating pipe is made of the thermoplastic base material polybutene, which has been tried and tested for decades and has proven itself especially for the systems wall heating, climate floor and the thin layer system ZEWO Flat. The pipe is provided with a barrier layer against oxygen diffusion (triple coextruded according to DIN 4726/27 and DIN EN 12319). The above-average flexibility and the very good resistance to thermal and mechanical stress are the outstanding features of this pipe. Further advantages are a high resistance to stress cracking and high impact strength.


A. base pipe PB (Polybuten), B. adhesive layer, C. oxygen barrier

Metal composite pipe

Two qualities for every application: there is an increasing demand for metal composite pipe installation in surface heating systems that are not connected to drinking water installations. In order to be able to offer a high-quality but also cost-optimised product in this area, our ZEWOTHERM metal composite pipe is also available for surface heating systems. The metal composite pipe >>FBH<< is especially designed for the application area of surface heating. With this metal composite pipe an aluminium jacket is butt welded onto the flexible heating pipe PE-RT. It is comparable in form and function with the DVGW-tested "Sanitär-Bruder" and is ideal, for example, for the renovation system (dry construction system) but also for all other applications.

The DVGW-tested metal composite pipe >>SANITARY<< is manufactured from polyethylene using the latest production technologies in polymer processing. It combines the advantages of a plastic pipe with those of a metal pipe, it is equally flexible and robust, extremely pressure and heat resistant, hygienic and easy to install. The bending-stable aluminium jacket guarantees 100% oxygen and water vapour diffusion tightness and other gaseous substances. This barrier layer protects against possible transmission of odour and corrosion, which over time could cause damage to the system. The smooth surface also makes the inside of the pipe unaffected by normal elements present in the water, eliminates friction points and prevents deposits that could lead to subsequent corrosion. In combination with the press connectors, this results in a reliable, certified system that covers all common installation situations: ZEWO Press.


A.Base pipe PE-RT as per DIN 16833, B.adhesive layer, C.Aluminium oxygen barrier layer pressure welded, B. adhesive layer, D.Top layer PE UV-resistant, heat-stabilized

Which heating pipe for which surface heating/cooling system

The following overview shows which heating pipe is recommended for which ZEWOTHERM panel heating system. We will be happy to advise you in detail and find the best product concept for your customers and projects.


Further information, technical data, dimensions, pipe length availability, certificates can be found in our current sales document or can be obtained on request from our technical and sales team.