Product Service Distribution Cabinets

Prefabricated cleverly installed

In order to keep the assembly and time expenditure on the building site as low as possible, we manufacture distribution cabinets individually on request. Particularly for properties with many residential units, the ready-to-connect distribution cabinets are an enormous time and cost saving, as the time-consuming on-site installation is no longer necessary. The cabinet is assembled exactly according to the customer's requirements and is delivered in a cardboard box with exact identification of floor and housing unit.

The cabinets are prefabricated in our factory, tested and delivered to the construction site on time. Without delay they can be assembled on site and the system distributors can be connected. The correct zone allocation of the control zones of the apartments is done in the distribution unit. The necessary information is submitted with the occupancy plan and transferred accordingly. The individual assembly includes the most common installation situations with system distributors, end set, ball valves or WMZ.sets, control terminal strip, actuators (with or without wiring).


  • Time savings on the construction site - especially for major projects
  • Ready-to-connect cabinets - no laborious on-site assembly required
  • Wiring of the electronic system components in the factory
  • Correct zone assignment of the control zones takes place in the distribution unit. 


A detailed overview of the components, gross prices, editable allocation plans and order forms can be found in the download area and/or on request.