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Modern surface heating systems are flexible and can be controlled easily and quickly by the user. They also have a natural self-regulating effect, i.e. automatic output adjustment to changing conditions. The floor surface only emits heat until the temperature of the floor surface is equal to the temperature of the room air (on average 23 °C). If the room temperature increases due to external influences (e.g. intensive sunlight, many people in the room, lighting, computers, etc.), the temperature difference between the floor and the air in the room becomes smaller, i.e. the floor then gives off less heat to the room. If the room air temperature drops, the power output of the surface heating system increases again.

ZEWOTHERM guarantees an efficient and cost-optimised control and regulation of the entire heating system with the optimally matched components of the control technology. The installation is simple, the operation user-friendly, the technology mature and all in all durable and safe in practice. Whether "standardised" control technology, the modern, radio-controlled option with tablet operation or even "authority models" for public buildings - every application is covered.


In accordance with EnEV § 12 (2), every heating system must also be provided with an "independently" operating device for room-wise temperature control (individual room control). In this way, rooms can be individually controlled beyond Selbstregelungseffekt and heating costs saved.

Single room control >>Standard<<

The ZEWOTHERM single room control >>Standard<< provides for an individual, demand-oriented adjustment of the individual room temperature in a wired solution. The modern, easy-to-use room thermostats are available in various designs, including with heating/cooling function, with or without LCD display, in flush-mounted or surface-mounted versions. All of them are easy and convenient to control and, in accordance with EnEV § 12 (2), the control technology fulfils the requirement to display each heating system with an "independently" acting device for room-by-room temperature.

ZEWO Surface-mounted room thermostat

Electronic room thermostat in a modern, flat design for wall mounting / surface mounting.


  • For controlling max. 4 ZEWO actuators 24 V or 10 actuators 230 V with direct connection
  • Precise control behaviour with setting range of room temperature 5-35 °C.
  • Switching difference 0,5 K
  • NTC temperature sensor
  • Silent Triac contact
  • Switching capacity 15 W/24V 75W/230V
  • Degree of protection IP 30
  • Operating temperature 0-50 °C
  • Antifreeze

ZEWO Room thermostat LCD

Electronic room thermostat in modern, flat design with LCD display. Wall mounting.


  • Setting range room temperature 5-35 °C
  • Switching difference 0,5 K
  • NTC temperature sensor
  • Operating mode selectable: normal, reduction, OFF, frost protection or timer
  • External temperature sensor (ground sensor) can be connected. Switching capacity 3 A - 250 V AC.
  • Operating voltage 2 pieces 1,5V (AAA)
  • Battery status indicator
  • Degree of protection IP 30

ZEWO Watch thermostat LCD

Modern electronic room temperature controller with LCD display with many convenient setting functions. Wall mounting.


  • Setting range room temperature 5-35 °C.
  • Operating mode selectable: Comfort, lowering mode, frost protection, holiday, car or off
  • External temperature sensor (ground sensor) can be connected.
  • Nine integrated standard and four variable user programs.
  • Lock function to prevent unauthorised adjustment.
  • Switching capacity 3 A - 250 V AC
  • Operating voltage 2 pieces 1,5 V (AAA),
  • Battery status indicator
  • Degree of protection IP 30

ZEWO Room thermostat heating/cooling

Analogue room temperature controller (wall-mounted, surface-mounted) for recording and controlling the desired room temperature. In combination with the control terminal strip, actuators and the heating/cooling control terminal strip, a perfect overall system is created.


  • Flat design (86 x 86 x 29 mm)
  • Setpoint calibration
  • Valve and frost protection
  • Change-over input
  • High functional safety
  • Fixed set-back temperature
  • Disable cooling function - colour white (RAL 9003)
  • Degree of protection IP 20
  • Max.10 actuators can be connected
  • max. permissible current consumption connected drives 1.8 A
  • temperature setting range: 10-28 °C

Individual room control >>Funkline<<

With the wireless product line Individual Room Control >>Funkline<<, no walls have to be torn open and the time-consuming laying of cables in wall slots or empty conduits is also no longer necessary. This makes the system also ideal for retrofitting. Three modern room thermostats are available to choose from and are supplemented by the radio control distributors (with suitable expansion modules if required) and WLAN-supported central control unit with touchscreen function. The system operates at 230 V and communication is bidirectional, i.e. with parallel data exchange. In addition, the room thermostats can be assigned to various rooms individually, quickly and easily by remote control. Personalised time programs can also be set. The system convinces with simple programming, modern design and precise temperature control in a coordinated system.


  • Modern design
  • Easy programming
  • Precise temperature control
  • Active-antenna (868 MHz)
  • Modular electrical control distributors
  • 6, 10 or 12 zones
  • Simple assignment


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ZEWO Room thermostat LCD «Funkline»

For individual room control in wireless mode. With LCD display.

  • With integrated temperature sensor.
  • Adjustment range 5…37 °C
  • Power supply: 2 x 1,5V, AAA batteries
  • Operating modes: Comfort, Lowering, OFF, Frost protection, Timer
  • 868 MHz
  • bidirectional communication

ZEWO Watch thermostat «Funkline»

For individual room control in wireless mode. With LCD display.

  • With integrated temperature sensor. Adjustment range 5…37 °C.
  • Power supply: 2 x 1,5V, AAA batteries
  • Opteratng modes: Comfort, Lowering, OFF, AUTO, Timer, vacation.
  • 9 integrated standard programs (fx) and 4 user-defined, variable programs
  • 868 MHz
  • bidirectional communication

ZEWO Central control unit with touch screen «Funkline»

Central control unit with colour touch-screen display. Individual time programs for the individual rooms.
Can be combined with all "Funkline" thermostats.

The WiFi version also has an integrated WiFi package and enables an external Zugriff via the Internet.

Incl. Micro-SD Card Slot. Flush-mounted operation (230 V), or tabletop operation possible (cable and power supply on request).

Control distributor «Funkline»

Master control distributor for the control of up to six independent individual room control zones. Can be combined with the "Funkline" thermostats, expandable by four to six individual room control zones through the control distributor extension.

Please refer to the current document for the complete product range as well as further technical information on our individual room control or click on here.

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