Perfectly controlled heat

Get more out of your underfloor heating system.

The ZEWOTHERM distribution technology includes all product components that ensure safe, comfortable and efficient heat distribution. The perfectly coordinated product components are more than the sum of all parts, namely a practice-oriented, safe installation and a reliable, long service life as well as user-friendly functionality. Thus, actuators, system distributors, control terminal strips and other products that provide individual comfort merge into a single unit for the central regulation and control of panel heating.

Systematically to success

The system distributor is used to distribute and regulate the volume flow of the individual heating circuits in low-temperature heating systems (floor or wall heating). The connection is made quickly, safely and easily via flat-sealing screw connections throughout the system. Special solutions for special applications are possible at any time. Useful accessory components such as heat meters, line control valves, angle ball valves, actuators, control terminal strips equip you for every installation situation.

Available in three high-quality product versions:

The PREMIUM system distributor supplied with sound-insulated brackets ensures perfect interaction of the intelligent complete system.
The distributor can be combined with or without a fixed value control set and equipped with a wide range of connection options.
With no offset at the pipe ends, it requires no compensating pieces and thus fewer sealing points. The offset flow and return bars facilitate installation.

High-quality precision round pipe distributor, available in both brass and stainless steel. Fully compliant with DIN 1264-4.

Available from 2 to 12 HK.

An efficient as well as inexpensive alternative for e.g. economically oriented object business.
With the 1" EK x 1 " AG transition nipple, the various connection options can be implemented quickly and easily.

Robuster Profilrohrverteiler aus nicht geschweißtem Edelstahl. Entspricht in vollem Umfang der DIN 1264-4.

Von 2 bis 12 HK erhältlich.

Reliability with high efficiency

The high-quality control station with high-efficiency (HE) circulating pump (EEI <0.27) keeps the flow temperature constant in low-temperature heating systems. It is used in those systems where heat is emitted on the one hand by consumers with a high flow temperature (e.g. radiators, air heaters) and on the other hand by consumers with a low flow temperature (panel heating). Both heating circuits are supplied by a common riser only. The flow temperature is infinitely adjustable. Compact and ready-to-install design with flow temperature thermometer. It can be connected to the heating circuit manifold on the right or left with a flat seal. Pressure tested using the differential pressure method.

More than the sum of its parts

The extensive range of equipment in the field of distribution and control technology includes a sophisticated product range that optimises and simplifies every need, every requirement and every output of panel heating and thus more than meets the objectives of energy and cost optimisation.


The actuator combines energy efficiency, easiest handling in a compact and modern design. Noiseless and maintenance-free, it opens and closes the valves on the system distributor. With connection cable 1 m. Housing material/colour Polyamite/light grey (RAL 7035). Simple plug-in assembly, 360° assembly, patented 100 % protection against leaking valves.

Available as PREMIUM and OBJECT version.

Control terminal strip

Ready-to-connect connector unit for connecting the room thermostats to the actuator levels. Different versions available. Depending on the version with integrated heating/cooling function and pump logic for circulation pump. Up to 18 actuators can be connected. Equipped with strain relief and overload protection.

Dynamic control valve

The dynamic control valve automatically creates more efficiency. The differential pressure regulator ensures hydraulic balancing and control of the flow rate in surface heating systems. It combines the functional principles of static and dynamic balancing and thus enables optimized performance through a dynamically balanced system during the entire heating period!

The patent-pending product maintains a constant pressure differential in each individual heating circuit and ensures a constant flow rate in each branch. The actual flow can be easily read from the flow meters on the system manifold. This makes the operation of the panel heating even more comfortable and energy-efficient; such an optimised system leads to energy savings of up to 26 %).

With the new control valve, you get a time-saving and cost-effective solution for your underfloor heating - even for existing systems that are retrofitted as part of energy-saving measures.


Our complete product range in the field of control and distribution technology can be found in our current product range list or on request.

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