Automatic hydraulic balancing

ZEWO SmileTech - Control technology at the highest level

The control system ZEWO "SmileTech" enables the automatic, dynamic adjustment of surface heating systems, or of each individual heating circuit. This means enormous advantages for planners, installers and for the end customer: Possible deviations between design and installation are automatically compensated, the start-up is faster and the living comfort is enormously increased. Once installed, the individual heating circuits are permanently compared with the current room temperature. External influences due to temperature fluctuations (e.g. solar radiation) are constantly monitored and fully automatically adjusted to the heating output in the individual circuits.

Due to the perfectly adjusted heating circuits, the entire system works faster and more efficiently and enables energy savings of up to 15 %! In addition, the system is fully eligible for funding under the KfW support programmes (new construction and renovation).

How it works

The ZEWOTHERM planner carries out the design calculation and delivers this data to the installer via micro-SD-Card or e-mail/web etc. The installer transfers the planning data to the control distributor via micro-SD-Card. The otherwise time-consuming programming of the controller is no longer necessary. By constantly comparing the setpoint return flow temperature with the actual value and adjusting the flow rate by the continuously controlling drives for each heating circuit, the room heating requirement is continuously met according to the actual requirements.


  • Dynamic adjustment of changes in the heating pipe network thanks to continuous correction of the flow rates in the individual heating circuits 
  • No time-consuming programming of the controller thanks to storage of the parameters on a micro SD card
  • Very simple commissioning
  • Retrofitting of existing systems possible by simple replacement of the valve inserts
  • Function passive cooling possible


  • Energy savings of up to 15%.
  • System fully eligible under KFW funding programmes (new construction and renovation)
  • Eligible under KfW promotional programmes (new construction and renovation)
  • Uniform room temperature control 
  • Optimum positioning of the wireless room sensor provides additional comfort enhancement 
  • Central operation possible for all connected rooms
  • Individual operation/programming via user software via PC, tablet or smartphone via on-site WLAN router (option) 

The main system components

ZEWO «SmileTech» system distributors

Stainless steel round pipe manifold according to EN 1264-4 with external thread on both sides flachdichtendem Low installation depth. Function and pressure tested. PRESERVATION: Shut-off valve. RETURN: Regulating and shut-off valve with

Adaption M30×1.5 (closed component: 11.8 mm). Optimized control characteristic due to valve cone. Connection nipple G ¾".

Euro cone, 50 mm spacing. Flow and return manifolds interchangeable. Including end set and manifold connection set with M10 sensor connection. The manifold is not assembled for easy and quick installation flexiblen

Adaptation to the respective mounting situation.

ZEWO «SmileTech» wireless-control terminal strip Master

Dynamic wireless controller, 868 MHz. For 6 zones (actuator). Connection of continuous actuators with RJ9 plug. With control unit MBus and radio antenna. With slot for micro SD card. Extension modules are also available.

ZEWO «SmileTech» Continuous actuator

Noiseless operation due to step motor. Connection socket RJ9 for return temperature sensor. With 1.5 m cable and plug RJ9 for connection to ZEWO "SmileTech" radio control terminal strip Master and extension.


The complete product range as well as further technical information about our ZEWO SmileTech series can be found in the current document or click here.

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