ZEWOTHERM underfloor heating

Warmth to feel good

Underfloor heating is a component of modern living culture. Whether single-family or apartment buildings, office buildings or commercial buildings - around 70 % of all building owners opt for panel heating and thus for the highest level of living comfort and energy efficiency. This low-energy system can save up to 12% on energy costs; in combination with regenerative energy generators such as the heat pump, it works even more economically in the system. In summer, this system can also be used as an environmentally friendly surface cooling system. Our systems in the area of surface heating/cooling provide healthy and sustainable heat over the entire surface. The mild and hygienic radiant heat heats or cools the rooms evenly, the personal "living temperature" can be individually adjusted using state-of-the-art control technology.

The product range is practice-oriented and includes a full range that contributes to successful installation, perfect function, long-lasting safety and simple operation of the systems. Standard applications for new buildings are just as much a part of the product range as systems specially designed for renovation with low installation heights and individual special solutions for more complex construction projects and/or industrial buildings with high traffic loads. All systems are sensibly supplemented by sophisticated control and distribution concepts and, depending on requirements, completed with optimum products in the field of system insulation and heating pipes.

Find out here which systems are suitable for you. Our consulting and planning team is at your disposal for further information.


  • Heat efficient and economical: Up to 12 % of heating energy is saved due to the low flow temperatures.
  • Heat without disturbing radiators: A ZEWOTHERM floor heating system warms without attracting attention. Hidden discreetly in the floor or in the wall, it frees up space for free room design without optical compromises.
  • Environmentally friendly: Floor heating works in an ideal combination with alternative energies such as heat pumps.
  • Hygienic & suitable for allergy sufferers: Due to the mild radiant heat, virtually no dust is stirred up and mould formation is minimised.
  • Heat for today and tomorrow: Floor heating works together with a variety of heating Systems.
  • Heat on all floors: Floor heating is basically suitable for all types of floor coverings - whether tiles, parquet, carpet, cork or laminate.


There is more to our underfloor heating...

...ventilation on request

The coordinated combination of floor heating and living space ventilation uses the underfloor heating structure to install the ventilation ducts. The new ZEWO Floor flat duct network saves a great deal of time and money, both during planning and installation.

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Installation Service underfloor heating

On request we offer the service for the professional installation of the trade surface heating. With our nationwide cooperation partners, we carry out the installation reliably, quickly and professionally - in close cooperation with wholesalers and specialist tradesmen. Projects are planned in detail in advance, professionally installed by the professional installation team and extensively prepared in a revision.

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