Using solar energy at night too

An electricity storage unit stores surplus electricity for later use. Without the option of an electricity storage system, only the solar electricity that is currently being produced and used is used. In combination with a photovoltaic system, solar electricity can also be used when the sun is not shining, i.e. when the solar modules are not currently generating electricity.

The electricity generated in a photovoltaic system is first used for self-consumption. This means that active electricity consumers, such as heat pumps, ventilation systems, or consumers like lamps or freezers, are operated with the electricity. However, if more electricity is available than is needed, the surplus solar electricity flows into the battery of the storage unit and the battery is charged. If there is a higher demand for electricity in the evening or at night, the stored solar electricity is available. If the demand for electricity during the day is higher than the amount of solar electricity produced by the photovoltaic system, stored electricity is also available - regardless of whether the storage unit is fully or only partially charged. In this way, it is possible to cover a large part of the required amount of electricity with the electricity generated by the photovoltaic system and to demonstrably reduce electricity costs.

We can provide you with storage systems from 5-10 kW that are perfectly tailored to your requirements from renowned manufacturers such as Solarwatt, Q-Sells, BYD, LG Chem, or E3/DC.

The flexible solar storage tank

SOLARWATT offers an innovative product with the MyReserve. Configure it for individual requirements thanks to its modular design. Five MyReserve Pack battery modules can be connected per MyReserve Command control unit. With a storage capacity of 2.4 kWh, the maximum output per MyReserve Command is 12 kWh. Six units can currently be coupled to form a system with a total output of 72 kWh.

Over its entire lifetime, the solar storage unit provides at least 10 times the amount of clean energy as the energy that has to be expended during its production. With its outstanding battery efficiency of 99.2 %, MyReserve Pack is the most efficient battery module in the world. For you, this means: You can rely on MyReserve to store your solar power highly effectively. This means you can use your self-generated energy exactly when you need it - especially in the evenings and at night.

Self-determined energy supply without compromise

The E3/DC S10 E domestic power plant is the classic in the product family and the intelligent all-in-one storage system for the sector coupling of electricity, heat and mobility.

The E3/DC S10 E domestic power plant sets the standard for self-sufficiency in single-family homes. From the very beginning, it has been developed as an All In One storage system with solar inverter, energy management and photovoltaic storage and has been optimised continuously. Users with an annual electricity demand of up to approx. 8,000 kilowatt hours achieve maximum self-sufficiency with the S10 E home power plant. Photovoltaic outputs in a range from approx. 8 kilowatts up to 18 kilowatts are suitable.

Battery capacities range from 6.5 to 18 kilowatt hours. The technology of the home power plant is unique. Its outstanding features are the integrated energy management for controlling all energy flows in the house and the backup power supply for the entire house grid.

Smart & expandable

BYD (Build Your Dreams) is the world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries. The Battery Box Premium Series HVS is a modular and highly versatile line of battery storage systems that covers a wide range of application scenarios - on- and off-grid, single- and three-phase installations to backup and emergency power. Its multiple award-winning efficiency, high reliability and easy plug-and-play installation have made it the system of choice for installers as well as end users. A Battery-Box Premium HVS consists of 2 to 5 HVS battery modules connected in series to achieve a capacity of 5.1 to 12.8 kWh. Direct parallel connection of up to 3 identical Battery Box Premium HVS allows a maximum capacity of 38.4 kWh. The system can be expanded later by adding additional HVS modules or parallel HVS towers.