Efficiency across the board

Solar modules or photovoltaic modules are the heart of photovoltaic systems. Sunlight is reliably converted into electrical energy by the integrated solar cells (connected in parallel or series). For private applications and small businesses, the solar modules are usually mounted on the roof of the house. The performance of the PV system created by connecting the modules together depends on many factors such as the number of modules, module type and performance, roof pitch or solar radiation. Our solar modules always achieve high performance levels. In addition, they are resistant to external influences and therefore very durable. Our products are high-quality modules 'made-in-Germany'.

Picture above: Our premium modules are glass-glass modules in which the solar cells are arranged between two glass panes. As a result, the cells lie in the neutral fibre and are not stressed when the module bends. In addition, the glass-glass module is also less sensitive to the penetration of water vapour or chemicals.

There are various options available when choosing the right module types. Taking into account the individual, structural requirements as well as local conditions, we create the high-performance system perfectly tailored to you. We will be happy to advise you.

Vision 60M style modules

Performance and style perfectly combined

The style modules combine the outstanding product properties of glass-glass modules with an attractive design. The modules have 2 mm thin, thermally hardened glass with an anti-reflective coating on the front and back. This makes the solar panels last much longer and you benefit from the additional yield. A black aluminium frame and a transparent back make the module a visual highlight.

The modules meet the highest quality standards and are characterised by extreme durability, maximum yields and yield reliability. They are particularly durable and safe from harmful environmental influences.

You receive a 30-year product and performance guarantee. Even after this period has expired, you retain at least 87 % of the original performance.

Mono S2 Halfcut / 120 half cells [9BB]

With white or black back foil

The Mono S2 Halfcut module is monocrystalline and available in the power classes 330W, 335W, 340W and 345W. By separating the cells into two equal parts (halfcut technology), the module achieves a higher output than an identical module as a full-cell module. The current flow in the cell is halved and the power loss is thus reduced. Due to the modified cell arrangement, the Mono S2 Halfcut module offers further advantages. On the one hand, there is the improved low-light behaviour and, on the other hand, the behaviour in the case of shading. If a full-cell module no longer produces any power when one half of the module is shaded, the Solar Fabrik Mono S2 Halfcut can still achieve up to 50% power. The 9-BB technology enables even higher outputs, greater reliability and higher (electrical) load capacity of the modules.

Warranty claims are 15 years on the product and 25 years on the power.