Advantageous energy refuelling

Our complete photovoltaic packages consist of solar modules, electricity storage, inverter and DC cabling and AC, optionally with emergency power function.

  • Solar modules: The cells in the PV modules convert sunlight directly into electrical energy. A photovoltaic module consists of several solar cells that are electrically interconnected. Attached to wind- and weather-resistant structures, they provide decades of power.
  • Inverter: The inverter is considered the heart of every system and is installed between the solar modules and the electricity grid. It converts the direct current generated by the PV modules into alternating current, which can then be used in the house. Depending on the model of the inverter, it offers the option of combining a photovoltaic system with storage and also regulates the charging and discharging processes of the battery storage.
  • Electricity storage: To optimise the use of the PV system for self-consumption, the unused electricity is stored in a battery. The inverter and solar storage unit are connected to the electricity grid of the house and thus supply the electricity to end devices such as the refrigerator, the washing machine or even the heat pump, ventilation system or the smart home system. And that 24 hours a day!

The components are optimally combined and work perfectly together. They are ideal for private PV systems up to 30 kWp. All specifications of the VDE-AR-N 4105 as well as the EEG can be implemented without additional accessories. The matching mounting system/substructure (UK) is available as an option, as well as the EnergyManager, which enables data to be retrieved in real time and controls the active power of the connected loads.

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