Wind- and weatherproof mounting

A photovoltaic system is only as good as the (sub)structure that supports it in wind and weather. Together with the solar modules and the inverter, the substructure forms the basic framework of your photovoltaic system. Even if it is not directly visible, all static and thermal requirements must be met. A flat roof, for example, requires a different construction than a pitched or trapezoidal roof. And a carport has even different requirements.

This overall system offers you, the system operator, maximum investment security and protects you from unresolved liability issues in the event of damage. Because together with our assembly system, you receive an individual, project-related structural analysis report from our design software. For you, this means that all components are checked for their static load and you receive a complete system static for your individual roof in the form of a legally secure document.

The assembly systems make do with few components and yet offer the perfect solution for almost any roof covering. Aluminium and high-quality steels ensure durability. Optimal load distribution on the module frame and even loading of your roof structure make this cost-efficient mounting system the ideal foundation for your photovoltaic system. Our product range in the area of mounting systems / substructures delivers a reliable load-bearing capacity adapted to your building, including renowned manufacturers such as Lorenz Montagesysteme or Renusol..

EKV-Avanti - The name says it all

The EKV Avanti system is the quick mounting system with lateral connection, which is suitable for almost all roof types. The short rail system is available in two different profile heights (2 cm, 5 cm), which ensures good rear ventilation of the photovoltaic module. On the roof side, the long rail is attached via roof hooks and hanger bolts. On sheet metal roofs, the short rail is screwed directly onto the roof cladding. Thanks to the Avanti quick connection and the few components, a smooth and time-saving installation can be guaranteed here. The Avanti system can be mounted either upright or crosswise to the roof. The module is fastened by means of the EKV Avanti click clamp.

Flat roof systems LORENZ

With our flat roof systems you are always on the safe side. The aerodynamic south or east-west systems from LORENZ® are particularly aero-dynamic and low-ballast mounting systems for attaching framed modules to flat roofs. A particularly good utilisation of space is given, the modules are wind tunnel tested and can be mounted quickly and easily.

Three variants are available: the south system INTERSOL Flat Roof S with 10° and 15° inclination, as well as the east-west system INTERSOL Flat Roof Duplex with 10° inclination. Which system is the right one for you is determined by the individual design tailored to your requirements and circumstances.

LORENZ® pitched roof systems

The LORENZ® roof hook withstands up to four times the load of conventional roof hooks. The multi-head compensates for roof unevenness and fixes the support profile securely. The solid construction offers good compensation for roof unevenness. The single-layer assembly system fulfils the highest safety and stability requirements and convinces with optimum economic efficiency and a long service life.

Which system is the right one for you is determined by the individual design tailored to your requirements and circumstances.

Trapezoidal roof systems LORENZ

Particularly quick-to-assemble mounting system (pre-assembled sets) for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs with roof pitches of 5°-60°. Ideal for framed modules in all sizes.

Fastening is done with thin sheet metal self-drilling screws.

Cable routing is possible within the profile or with the optional cable clip. Guarantee of roof tightness due to flat pre-assembled EPDM material.

The building authority approval of all components and project-specific statics provide complete legal security.

Flat roof systems RENUSOL

Thanks to a rail system and aerodynamic optimisation, the FS system from RENUSOL is particularly suitable for larger and large flat roofs with limited load-bearing capacity. It is fixed with ballast and is statically secured by wind tunnel tests.

Pitched roof systems RENUSOL

The VS+ is suitable for almost all types of pitched roofs in Europe. A sensible selection of roof hooks allows installation in roofs with a wide variety of roof coverings and substructures. Two mounting rails for medium and high loads. Module clamp adjustable for different frame heights. Patented - one clamp for middle and end clamping.

The VS+ is a modular system: connection to the roof by means of roof hooks, hanger bolts, standing seam clamps. Mounting rails in various colours, sizes and lengths. Universal clamps ensure non-positive fastening of the PV modules.