The "energy command centre''

The ZEWO PV EnergyManager is an energy management system consisting of hardware and the browser-based EnergyManager Portal. Through this intelligent interface, you optimise your own consumption of free solar power. It automatically switches on the consumers in the house as soon as surplus electricity is available from your photovoltaic system. You also have all the data, graphics and status messages you need from your photovoltaic system at your fingertips through the Energy Manager. Using easy access (through SSL encryption), you can call up data from the load, inverter or solar storage: you can visualise and check your energy balance on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis via PC or mobile devices, from home or remotely, and possibly discover potential for improvement. Among other things, solar generation, domestic consumption, battery charging and discharging, feed-in to the grid and grid consumption are visible. And of course, information on self-consumption and the savings potential are clearly displayed in diagrams.

Remote access through the installer centre also means immense relief. The installer can - with your consent - manage the Energymanager via remote maintenance (app), monitor it externally, make status reports on the inverter or storage unit and have quick access to the components in the event of any faults. All large consumers such as heating rods, electric vehicles or heat pumps can be conveniently controlled. We offer you module components from renowned manufacturers (including Solarwatt) that are perfectly matched to you and compatible with all solar panels. We will be happy to advise you.