Photovoltaics - Intelligent power generation and use

Renewable energy generation from the almost infinite power of the sun is "right at the top" of ZEWOTHERM's future-oriented energy and heating systems - in the truest sense of the word.

Generating energy efficiently, acting economically and protecting the environment. That's what it's all about. And it is not only homeowners who are increasingly making these demands for themselves, but also trade and industry are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the latest solar technology and the right energy concept to become independent of ever-increasing electricity costs.

An investment in the future

The scarcity of resources, the achievement of the "energy turnaround", among other things, through the new EEG (Energy Efficiency Act) - from 01.07.2021 BEG (federal subsidy for efficient buildings) and the growing e-mobility lead to an ever increasing demand for electricity - and rising electricity costs.

Building is also becoming increasingly complex with the growing requirements for energy efficiency. And it is precisely here that you benefit from our many years of cooperation with clients from the construction and real estate sectors: for example, more and more architects, developers of supply concepts and installers are relying on the economic and commercial potential of photovoltaic systems.

Due to our consistent expansion into renewable energies, the area of photovoltaics is the logical consequence of offering holistic product solutions here as well: from photovoltaic modules to inverters and storage units to e-charging stations/wallboxes. ZEWO Solar Energy Management also helps you to optimise your own consumption even more and to sustainably reduce energy costs. The more solar power you consume, the less you have to draw from the public grid. And it's 100 % climate-friendly "by design".

As a specialist for future-oriented energy and heating systems, ZEWOTHERM is the right contact for your PV project. In close cooperation with our selected specialist partners, you receive planning, product, service and installation all from a single source. Whether for private or commercial buildings - ZEWO Solar has the right product package for you.


  • Future-proof energy generation
  • Independence from ever-increasing energy costs
  • Consume self-generated electricity - as much as you like
  • Protection of the environment and resources
  • Increase in the value of your property
  • State subsidies possible


Wir arbeiten ausschließlich mit namhaften Partnern zusammen, um für Sie die passende Photovoltaik-Lösung zu finden, darunter:

The energy cycle at the Remagen site

The holistic ZEWOTHERM system concept of "generate, store, distribute energy" is lived and illustrated at the company headquarters in Remagen/Bonn: our 680 kWp photovoltaic system ensures a self-sufficient energy supply for our production facilities, offices and our entire building services (heating/drinking water/sanitation). Our heat pumps and ventilation systems are powered by the electricity we generate ourselves - as are the charging stations for our electric vehicle fleet. The energy generated from the heat pump in turn provides the energy for our surface heating and cooling systems, thus ensuring maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption at the same time.

And all this makes us one thing above all: independent.

Efficiency can be planned

Good planning is the beginning of everything. This includes a sound analysis and requirements planning. Our technical and sales teams specialising in the solar product range will conduct a site and building analysis with you, taking into account the solar orientation of the building as well as the statics and geometric influences. In this way, you receive an energy concept that is precisely tailored to your needs. And for those who already know exactly what they want, our prefabricated system kits with PV modules, inverters, storage units, substructures or wall boxes are an efficient alternative.

ZEWO Solar: advantageous complete system from a single source

We provide you with photovoltaic technology perfectly tailored to your requirements. Our products stand for innovation and experience, highest profitability and yields. Through careful selection of components and constant testing controls, we ensure exceptional quality.

  • Solar modules: The cells in PV modules convert sunlight directly into electrical energy. A photovoltaic module consists of several solar cells that are electrically interconnected. Attached to wind- and weather-resistant constructions, they provide decades of power output.
  • Inverter: The inverter is considered the heart of every system and is installed between the solar modules and the electricity grid. It converts the direct current generated by the PV modules into alternating current, which can then be used in the house. Depending on the model of the inverter, it offers the option of combining a photovoltaic system with storage and also regulates the charging and discharging processes of the battery storage.
  • Electricity storage: To optimise the use of the PV system for self-consumption, the unused electricity is stored in a battery. The inverter and solar storage unit are connected to the electricity grid of the house and thus supply the electricity to end devices such as the refrigerator, the washing machine or even the heat pump, ventilation system or the smart home system. And that 24 hours a day!
  • EnergyManager: The EnergyManagement is the "control organ" of the system. It enables energy measurement of the PV system in real time. At the same time, it enables dynamic active power control. The pre-configured interface to the inverter ensures simple installation without time-consuming adjustment of the parameters.
  • Charging stations/wallboxes: Mobile power supply for your electric car from the comfort of your own home, whether in the garage or on a parking space. Our partner products are tailored to your needs and compatible with every type of vehicle.

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