Clean air for the modern housing industry

When it comes to safe but also economical solutions for modern residential construction, the new ZEWO individual room ventilators from the ER product series are the first choice. Absolutely easy to install, convincing in price and above all efficient, they cover all installation situations. The built-in ER fans are equipped with high pressure reserves; when the speed rises, the delivery volume remains constant. And this with simultaneous operation of several fans and strong wind pressure. These high pressure reserves also ensure greater safety in the planning phase if unfavourable factors occur (e.g. with low supply air, systems that are too small or even roof hoods with higher resistance). The delivery volume is 62 m³/h for the ER 60 and 101 m³/h for the ER 100 version.

The system consists of fan inserts with various control functions and corresponding flush-mounted housings that cover every building situation. The elegant design adapts to any interior design.


  • Maintenance-free shut-off device can be accessed at any time in case of emergency
  • Space-saving installation depth (90 mm)
  • Quiet operation (sound pressure level only 26 dB with basic ventilation 35 m³/h)
  • For wall or ceiling construction, the connection always fits, the ER housing is turned into the desired position.
  •  Toolless fastening of the fan with snap connections
  • Electrical connectors

The system components ER

Fan insert

Ventilator insert (flush-mounted) with a delivery volume of 62 m³/h or 101 m³/h for installation in the appropriate flush-mounted housing. All versions with a G2 filter. Dimensions 250 x 250 x 150 mm. Colour traffic white similar to RAL 9016. Protection class IP X5. Protection class II. Many variable functions and versions available,

  • with delay time switch
  • with humidity control and base load switching
  • with adjustable delay time switch


Flush-mounted housing for fan insert ER 60/100 for single room ventilation. Installation location: wall or ceiling. Dimensions: 225 x 225 x 108 mm (UP/G and UPD); 225 x 249 x 120 mm (UPD). External outlet diameter: 75 mm / 80 mm.

Versions available with or without fire protection devices.

Accessories and spare parts

Suitable assembly products, connection sets, masonry frames and replacement filters are also available.


Make the exhaust air system perfect

With the help of the suitable ALD supply air valve (ALD = fresh air diffuser with wind pressure protection) you can create the right balance for supply and return air. The external diffusers for controlled supply air flow are suitable for buildings with high sound insulation requirements in new construction and renovation. An air performance of up to 31 % is achieved with a standard sound level difference of 70 dB. The special wind pressure protection prevents cooling at high wind speeds and prevents draughts due to the optimum air flow of the acoustic and flow-optimised inner panels.

The system provides cost-effective controlled ventilation of living space without heat recovery. If you would like to have ventilation with heat recovery later on, you can simply retrofit it with our ZEWO SmartFan or ZEWO ObjektFan ventilation units! The ALD solutions are suitable for all installations, whether wall, reveal, roof or cellar. For further information please click here.