Function and design perfectly combined

The ER-EC product series combines state-of-the-art technology with elegant, timeless design. Every structural requirement and installation situation is covered by the appropriate product solution. Whether with or without fire protection option - all technology variants comply with DIN 18017-3 and DIN 1946-6. The clear three-component system of the ER-EC series (consisting of cover, fan insert and flush-mounted box) is easy to install and reliably ensures efficient single room ventilation.

Depending on the requirements, the exhaust air system is available with a single-stage or two-stage fan with 60 m³/h or 100 m³/h. The units comply with protection class IP X5 and are therefore suitable according to DIN VDE for installation in bathrooms and shower rooms with jet water. A second room connection is also possible.

The installation takes place flush-mounted on the inner wall inside and outside the shaft in wall or ceiling. The low installation depth of only 110 mm allows the use in difficult space conditions. Different versions of the cover with individual functions are available, e.g. with integrated humidity sensor, tracking control and motion detector.

If you want to retrofit function controls later - no problem. The variable covers can be easily replaced. It couldn't be more comfortable.


  • Ventilation units with energy-saving EC motor
  • Extremely quiet and smooth running thanks to low rpm
  • Economical, permanent base load operation
  • User-friendly operation
  • Tool-free filter change
  • Interchangeable cover with integrated control/operating unit with variable functions
  • Universal fan insert
  • For installation in bathrooms and shower rooms in areas 1 and 2 can also be installed with jet water (according to DIN VDE 0100-701). 

The system components

Flush-mounted housing ER-GH

The flush-mounted box offers many advantages in one housing: The flexible discharge direction (90° rotation of the housing to the right or left) enables perfect connection to the ventilation duct (DN 75/80). Easy to install snap locks are perfectly matched to the fan application. A second connection for a WC seat is also possible. The low installation depth enables use in difficult space conditions.

Fan insert ER-EC

The fan insert works with a robust, economical EC motor with ball bearings closed on both sides, which consume little energy. Incl. thermal overload protection. The device is mounted without tools with snap locks and electrical plug connectors. The high pressure capacity guarantees a constant flow volume with simultaneous operation of several fans.

The conveying volume is 30 m³ in base load and 60 m³ in full load operation. Combined with an intelligent cover, 20/40/100/ m³h is also possible.

The switch-on delay is 60 seconds, the follow-up time is 15 minutes. For individual room ventilation with a single fan. With blow-out adapter for lateral and rear blow-out. Electrical plug connection for quick installation of the fan in the housing. Easy filter change without tools. Easy to install snap-on mounting of the fan in the housing. They comply with protection class IP X5 and can therefore be installed in area 1 according to DIN VDE 0100-701 even with water jets.


The flat cover is not only an elegant closure of the system, but also offers clear product advantages: it can be rotated by 5° and is therefore optimally positioned. The control unit and TouchBed element are already integrated in the cover. The filter change indicator with reset function enables proper, hygienic operation; the filter can be replaced without tools. For single room ventilation with a single fan.

The standard version runs at 30³/h in base load operation. A light switch or an external switch can be used to switch to full load operation at 60 m³/h. The standard version runs at base load. The comfort version and the version with humidity or humidity switch can be switched to full load operation with 60 m³/h. Motion sensors have additional ventilation stages. The ON/OFF switching of the base load is possible via a switch. Due to the variable use of the cover, the desired control system can also be easily installed or retrofitted at a later date.

  • AR-A cover - standard version
  • Cover ER-AK - Version with intelligent time module
  • Cover ER-AH - Version with humidity sensor and time module
  • Cover ER-AB - Version with motion sensor and time module

NOTE: The exact product features and functions can be found in the current brochure, which you will find in the download area.

Zubehör und Ersatzkomponenten

Die Produktserie beinhaltet hilfreiches Zubehör wie Montagehelfer, Abdeckrahmen und selbstverstänlich Ersatzluftfilter. Bitte fragen Sie nach.


Make the exhaust air system perfect

With the help of the suitable ALD supply air valve (ALD = fresh air diffuser with wind pressure protection) you can create the right balance for supply and return air. The external diffusers for controlled supply air flow are suitable for buildings with high sound insulation requirements in new construction and renovation. An air performance of up to 31 % is achieved with a standard sound level difference of 70 dB. The special wind pressure protection prevents cooling at high wind speeds and prevents draughts due to the optimum air flow of the acoustic and flow-optimised inner panels.

The system represents a cost-effective controlled living space ventilation WITHOUT heat recovery. If you wish to have a ventilation system WITH heat recovery later on, you can easily retrofit it with our ZEWO SmartFan or ZEWO ObjektFan ventilation units! The ALD solutions are suitable for all installations, whether wall, reveal, roof or cellar. For further information please click here.