Decentralised ventilation

according to DIN 18017-3 / DIN 1946-6 without heat recovery

Straight good air

An exhaust air system - also known as single room ventilation - is a simple but efficient system for the ventilation of interior damp rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and utility rooms. Unpleasant odours and moisture are removed as required by powerful exhaust fans. Furthermore, it protects the frequented rooms from moisture penetration and thus prevents possible mould growth. As the installation is very easy and quick to implement, it is particularly suitable for retrofitting, e.g. in renovation and modernisation projects.

An exhaust air system is a fresh air supply system without heat recovery. This simple but above all cost-effective ventilation solution is recommended wherever permanent ventilation is not required. In this case, the used or moist air is only extracted and transported to the outside.

The single room ventilation system with the ER EC and ER product series is the perfect choice for apartment buildings, multi-storey residential buildings, office buildings and/or hotel complexes. In bathrooms and WCs, living kitchens or dining rooms, they reliably transport stale and moist air to the outside. The systems work reliably, are economical, quiet and have a timeless appearance. They are particularly easy to install and assemble and, depending on the version, have numerous useful functions and options. There is a suitable product solution for every application. All technical variants of the two product series ER-EC and ER correspond fully to the housing industry according to DIN 18017-3 and DIN 1946-6 and are DIBT-approved.

This allows for continuous ventilation and ensures hygiene and health everywhere. Even empty apartments can be ventilated automatically to protect the building fabric.

How it works

With decentralised ventilation, several apartments and rooms are connected to a common main line. A central exhaust air duct runs vertically through the entire building. Individual ventilators in the apartments provide the necessary air exchange, allowing the ventilation to be regulated individually. The combination with fire protection systems is of course also possible - especially important in the housing industry.

Demand-driven exhaust air in combination with ALD afterflow valve

DIN 18017 stipulates that the amount of air discharged by the ventilation system must be returned to the same extent. The combination of one-room ventilation with the ALD aftertreatment valve (external diffuser with wind pressure protection) is ideal for this purpose. In combination, this results in cost-effective living space ventilation WITHOUT heat recovery, which can, however, be retrofitted at any time to a fully-fledged decentralised living space ventilation concept WITH heat recovery.

Two product series - one powerful result

Depending on the requirements, two efficient product series - single-stage or two-stage - are available, which realize conveying volumes from 30 - 60 m³/h to 100 m³/h and thus cover all requirements and installation situations in the modern construction industry. Whether single-family houses, multi-party buildings, hotels or office buildings. No matter whether new construction or renovation.