ZEWO SmartFan

The smallest, quietest and most efficient ventilation device in its class

The ZEWO SmartFan is based on innovative components that dampen sound, optimise air flows and, last but not least, recover heat. But performance is not everything: only when efficient technology meets compact design is it a perfect composition. With the SmartFan®, ZEWOTHERM offers a ventilation system for decentralised domestic ventilation throughout the house. It adapts ideally to the living environment and is unique on the market both in terms of optimum air flow and minimum volume. The SmartFan can be installed as required in any number of rooms throughout the house. As a rule, the decentralised living room ventilation is installed in the supply air areas, living room, bedrooms and children's rooms. With SmartFan home ventilation, two devices always work simultaneously, which are inserted into the house wall by means of a core drilling.

Clever & smart

With the intelligent and intuitive controls of the ZEWO SmartFan product line, personal living comfort is very easy. You determine when and how the ventilation system supplies your home with fresh air. Four or nine selectable modes allow perfect regulation for everyday situations (e.g. sleep mode) and exceptional cases (e.g. party mode). The ZEWO SmartFan offers you even more living comfort with the effective, sensor-controlled automatic mode. In this mode, the device uses an additional sensor to measure the room temperature and humidity and automatically regulates the optimum room climate while you lean back and relax. Both controls fully comply with DIN 1936-6 for the ventilation of apartments, which prescribes four ventilation levels: Humidity protection, reduced ventilation, nominal ventilation and intensive ventilation.

For more information on our SmartFan range of decentralised ventilation systems with heat recovery, click here. Of course, we are also happy to assist you with individual enquiries.


  • Up to 50 % heating energy savings
  • Up to 91 % heat recovery
  • Up to 46 m³/h air capacity
  • From 11 dB(A) Sound pressure level
  • Meets the eligibility criteria under KfW (KfW 40 eligibility)
  • DIBT approval

Inside panel

The high-tech panel features an aerodynamically shaped air outlet and integrated guide vane for perfect air flow. The innovative solution with integrated turbine technology increases the performance of the fan and ensures maximum air volume flow with low energy consumption. This has been confirmed by aerodynamic tests carried out by the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences in the field of aerodynamics. On top of that, the round design of the screen is elegant yet inconspicuous.

Pollen filters

Dust and pollen cannot get through here: the optionally available pollen filter works according to the principle of electrostatic attraction of positively charged particles. Like a feather duster, the filter attracts the smallest particles in the air like a magnet. The pollen and dust load is thus significantly reduced with comparatively low pressure loss. Regular cleaning of the filter is also very easy: the unit is removed in a few simple steps, the filter is vacuumed off and reinstalled.

Fan unit

The reversible axial fan with protective grille is the heart of the ventilation system. The electromagnetic drive system with vibration damper ensures an almost noiseless engine noise, at the same time high performance of up to 46 m³/h in paired operation.
Aerodynamically shaped rotor blades support highly efficient and quiet air delivery. The special feature of this fan is the constant air output in both directions.

Ceramic heat exchanger

Inspired by nature, the highly efficient ceramic heat exchanger creates the largest possible surface area for the air flowing past thanks to its honeycomb channel systems and can thus achieve heat recovery of up to 91%.
At the same time, the increased pore opening results in comparatively low pressure loss. The high-quality material of the heat exchanger consists of a special ceramic that is particularly resistant to chemical, thermal and mechanical influences.

Outside panel

The functions of the outside panel are well thought out down to the last detail. The noise deflector inside the screen minimizes disturbing external noise as well as flow and motor noise from the fan.
Special drain channels on the inside of the cover bundle the condensed water and direct it directly outside via a drip nose. Even the installation is very simple, because the final assembly takes place completely without tools or complex drillings.
This also means that the maintenance requirements for the ventilation system are extremely low.

Sophisticated sensors

The sensor sits directly in the fan unit and measures the incoming and outgoing air directly.
The fine sensor technology records the temperature and humidity and regulates the ventilation according to the set modes.
Basically, all SmartFan systems have a prepared fan unit with sensor connection.


Individual design for your home

The highlight of our decentralised ZEWO "SmartFan" product series are the interchangeable motif screens, which can be attached to the (additionally available) design glass screen. They provide a high air performance with an individual look at the same time. You can choose the glass decor of the flow-optimised inner screen from many templates to suit your personal taste and room ambience. You can choose from a large number of high-quality motifs. If living style or taste should change, they can be exchanged at any time! Inserting and exchanging the motif decoration is very easy and tool-free thanks to adhesive magnets.


Sensor-controlled zone and moisture regulation

The innovative sensor of the ZEWO SmartFan series enables the fully automatic firing of a zone via the measured temperature and humidity values. Desired values for zones can be specified. The controller checks fully automatically on the basis of the measurement results whether the outdoor conditions help to maintain or achieve the desired values in the zone. The measured humidity value controls the fan stage and the measured temperature value controls the heat recovery (Eco mode) or ventilation mode.