Fresh air is easy

The ZEWO "ObjektFan" is the ideal product solution for or larger commercial buildings (rental buildings, dormitories, etc.) and or tightly calculated projects. The compact ventilation unit is attractively priced, attractively designed, highly efficient in performance (up to 43 m³/h air capacity, heat recovery of up to 90 %), quiet in operation and very easy to maintain and clean. The compact design allows easy installation (162 mm core bore and minimum wall thickness of 305 mm), the clearly arranged components are easy to maintain and clean.


  • Lower heating costs thanks to heat recovery wheel of up to 90 %
  • 160 mm pipe diameter with an air capacity of up to 43 m³/h
  • Fulfils the eligibility criteria under KfW (KfW 40 eligibility)
  • Toolless final assembly with integrated condensate drain

Just simple

With the intelligent and intuitive controls of the ZEWO ObjektFan product family, personal living comfort is made easy. You determine when and how the ventilation system supplies your home with fresh air. Four or nine selectable modes allow perfect regulation for everyday situations (e.g. sleep mode) and exceptional cases (e.g. party mode). Two beautifully designed, easy-to-operate controls convince every user:

ZEWO «ObjektFan» PUSH control

Volume flow adjustable in 4 output levels, simple operation, flaches Design. 4 modes selectable: Heat recovery, ventilation, sleep and automatic mode. With automatic humidity control in AUTO mode. 4 to 6 ventilation units can be controlled with a power supply unit. Integrated filter change indicator, incl. flush-mounted 12 V power supply unit.

ZEWO «ObjektFan» EASY control

Knob control including flush-mounted power supply 12 V, for connecting up to 4 fan units with Eco mode and ventilation mode, fan direction change, filter change indicator.