Installation solutions roof/intrados/basement

May it be a little more ?

ZEWOTHERM offers optimised ventilation and installation solutions for both product series in order to supply the building with fresh air even in rooms that are difficult to access. We have well thought-out solutions for demand-oriented installation in cellars, roofs or walls, with which individual requirements can be realised quickly and easily without great effort.

ZEWO Installation solution „intrados“

With this system, the ventilation unit is almost invisible from the outside, as the outer panel is completely omitted. Thanks to the innovative plug-in system, the ventilation unit can be integrated into both the left and right sides of the window reveal. The double deflection of the air currents minimises the transmitted sound (Normschallpegeldifferenz up to 61 dB = sound insulation class 6). This solution is therefore ideal for projects with very high noise protection requirements (e.g. near airports, motorways, etc.). With integrated condensate drain. Set consisting of reveal element A 60, reveal element B 60, spacer wedge 60, mounting pipe 500 mm, round plaster cover, duct 60 plaster cover, reveal grille and a fixing set. Easy installation and cleaning.

ZEWO Installation solution „roof“

With this modern solution, attic units can now also be supplied with fresh air without having to forego the acoustic and aerodynamic advantages of the familiar fan. It is compatible with almost all pitched roofs and can be elegantly integrated.

ZEWO Installation solution "ALD"

High sound insulation requirements can easily be realized with this product solution. In addition, the special wind pressure protection prevents cooling and possible draughts at high wind speeds. For more information on this installation solution click here.

ZEWO Installation solution „basement“

Our intelligent cellar solution is as simple as it is ingenious: Humidity and the "musty" air that often prevails in the cellar is easily led out of the cellar rooms and fresh air is added. With this system you can optimally prevent mould and benefit from heat recovery of up to 91%. The stainless steel air diffuser is located above the floor level and thus elegantly adapts to any environment and unauffällig.