Efficient ventilation for bathrooms, kitchens and damp rooms

Unpleasant odours and short-term high humidity are quickly and discreetly eliminated by ZEWO exhaust air systems. The ZEWOTHERM exhaust air systems are the ideal complement to the decentralised living space ventilation system. The flüsterleisen product solutions are designed for e.g. guest WCs, bathrooms, shower and wellness rooms as well as pantries, kitchens and now also for interior damp rooms. With a slim profile and attractive design fan inserts, the ZEWO unauffällig exhaust air systems adapt to any environment.

Exhaust air system „X“

The exhaust air system "X" is suitable for dissipating moisture via the outside wall. Easy and quick to install with a 100 mm pipe. Characteristic features of the small room fan are the round design and the patented iris closure. The fan is elegant and can be integrated into even the smallest rooms. With the built-in humidity module, the desired relative humidity content (40% - 90%) of the air in the bathroom can be conveniently determined. A follow-up time of between 2-45 minutes can be set for support. The module can be switched on and off conveniently via the light switch or other external switches.

Exhaust air system „XR

The "XR" exhaust air system allows unpleasant odours and moisture to be discretely dissipated from all interior damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens (in accordance with DIN 18017). An integrated non-return damper prevents odour and smoke transmission and the system can be installed in all protection areas (1-3) of wet rooms (according to DIN VDE 0100-701). The radial system works extremely efficiently and consumes only 24.4 watts at a maximum volume flow of 100 m³/h. The system can be installed in all areas of wet rooms (1-3). The "XR" exhaust air system convinces with its flexible control and application options. Depending on the module, the system has a follow-up, humidity and/or stage control. Depending on the flush-mounted housing, various requirements, such as fire protection or second room connection, can be met. The ZEWOTHERM exhaust air system can be placed practically anywhere, whether on the wall or ceiling.


With continuous operation of the XR exhaust air system and the use of Fresh air diffusers (ALD), constant ventilation of the living space is achieved. This system combination provides a simple and particularly favourable controlled living space ventilation (according to DIN 1946-6 and DIN18017-3).