Decentralised living space ventilation

Controls fresh air

People spend most of their time in closed rooms. In addition, almost one in three people in Germany suffers from allergies nowadays, especially children. Modern construction with a high-density building envelope contributes to energy savings and thermal insulation, but prevents the necessary air circulation. The associated humidity can lead to building damage and mold - a health hazard that should not be underestimated! In order to ensure sufficient fresh air, ventilation must be provided regularly - every two hours for 15 minutes each. This is hardly feasible in everyday life and energetically absurd. For allergy sufferers, this is not an option at all, not to mention the permanent noise pollution.

The ZEWO Air product family in the decentralised version offers a demand-oriented, decentralised solution with integrated heat recovery both for detached houses and large residential units; whether new construction or renovation.

In contrast to the central ventilation concept, in which the ventilation units are larger and require installation of the ventilation ducts in the floor, wall or ceiling, the compact decentralised units are distributed simply and decentralised as required.

These devices are installed directly in the outer wall - during renovation by core drilling and in new buildings by bricking in an assembly stone. This makes them easy to install and retrofit. The modern control panels can be programmed in many ways, e.g. sleep mode, holiday mode or party mode, thus allowing individual room and living comfort.

For rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens, there are also special built-in solutions (exhaust air systems) that specifically remove odours and moisture. Product solutions are also available for basement rooms, roof/window reveals.

The principle of heat recovery and its step-by-step procedure is explained quite simply in the following videos:


  • Fresh and healthy air despite dense building envelope
  • Hardly any heat losses thanks to heat recovery
  • Prevention of mildew formation by regulating the air humidity
  • Reduction of heating costs by 50 % compared to window ventilation
  • Protection of the building fabric against moisture damage
  • Filtering out dirt, pollen and dust - ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Without air ducts/piping
  • 91 % Heat recovery
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


Act for the sake of the environment and save money at the same time?

The decentralised living space ventilation makes it possible! The sophisticated heat recovery process turns theory into reality. The ceramic heat exchanger contained in the ventilation removes the heat from the heated exhaust air and transfers it to the fresh supply air from outside. The result is significantly lower heating energy and noticeably lower heating costs.

1. Outgoing, warm exhaust air is led through the ceramic heat accumulator and heats it up.

2. After 70 seconds of discharged room air, the direction of rotation of the axial fan changes and the axial fan now draws in fresh outside air.

3. Simple core drilling as connection from outside and inside.

4. Fresh outside air is preheated via the ceramic stone and returned to the living area.