The control

Simple and easy to operate

The fully integrated control systems ensure reliable operation of the ventilation units, control the preset ventilation parameters and optimise operating costs. Modern control panels in two versions are then placed in the building depending on the desired location. Cleverly developed control algorithms allow numerous functional settings to reduce energy consumption and at the same time provide comfortable environmental conditions in the ventilated rooms. Air quality, operation as required, night cooling in summer, variable or constant volume flow are just a few of the system's advantages. Integrated Modbus and BACnet protocols allow ZEWO Vent ventilation units to be easily integrated into any building management system. All controllers are easy to operate, have a user-friendly menu, an LCD display with various parameters and touch-sensitive keys make it easy to set the operating modes.

The device control has an integrated web servicer for control and monitoring via the Internet. The devices can be controlled via the web browser or a mobile device (smartphone). The software specially developed for smartphones is easy to install and operate, a user-friendly interface enables easy operation and simple monitoring during operation (as additional equipment on request).

There are two modern control panels to choose from:

ZEWO Operating panel C 6.2

Touch screen panel with black/white display. For easy operation of the ventilation unit and recall of the operating modes preset by the installer. 4 standard operating modes as well as additional ECO energy saving mode and additional AUTO (automatic) operating mode. No thermometer or hygrometer is installed in this panel.

ZEWO Operating panel C 6.1

Control unit for all ventilation devices. Selection of 4 standard operating modes, plus additional selection of 4 special operating modes, additional ECO energy-saving mode, additional AUTO (automatic) operating mode, weekly programming with up to 20 switching times (5 switching times per operating mode), temperature control options supply air/exhaust air/balance or through optional room temperature sensor, air flow control CAV or DCV possible as standard, operation in VAV possible through optional pressure doses, control of optional PWW hot water registers and passenger car registers incl. Mixer and supply pumps, control of changeover registers, control of direct evaporating air cooler stage 1,2,3 (only above 0-10 V), additional connection possibilities of up to two external sensors (e.g. for humidity, temperature, CO2, fire alarm device), error display in plain text, logging of all events, optional blocking of the control panel via PIN code, evaluation of parameters such as current heat recovery, current power consumption, current energy efficiency and control of the heating register. All parameters for the ventilation unit can be set via the control panel.

Integrated Modbus and BACnet protocols allow ZEWO Vent ventilation units to be easily integrated into any building management system. With integrated web server for control and monitoring of the devices via the Internet via PC and/or Smartphone. App specially developed for the smartphone for easy operation and monitoring during operation (on request).


Further information, control functions, installation instructions are available on request or in our Download area.