Air duct systems

Safe and clean

Safe, hygienic air distribution in the entire building is ensured by sophisticated, hygienic, certified and allergy-friendly air duct systems. A sophisticated range is available for every desired system so that all parts can be assembled on site without gaps and in a suitable manner. This is what we stand for with our "Everything from a single source" concept. An extensive range of supplementary accessories is part of it. It includes connectors in a wide variety of variants, wall and roof ducts, special silencers, valves and outlets, various filters and much more.

The technical ZEWOTHERM service is available to assist with calculations and project planning. ZEWOTHERM's nationwide customer service is well trained for commissioning and technical support.

Depending on the installation situation and requirements, ZEWO Air air duct systems ensure safe and clean air distribution.v

  • Canal network <<flat>>: Flat tube profile ideal for floors with low construction height. Installation takes place within the insulation layer between concrete level and screed.
  • Canal network AirFlex <<round>>: Round tube profile for installation in the concrete level in DN 63, 75 and 90
  • Canal network EPP: Fully insulated round pipe system made of vapour-tight EPP material

Duct system <<flat>> for ZEWO Floor system

Why should the pipe system be laid in the raw concrete ceiling when it can be installed on it? So the underfloor heating AND the central living space ventilation can be planned in one operation. For architects and building owners this results in a further advantage: Often they do not think about a central controlled living space ventilation and its installation in the first shell construction phase yet. But what to do when the raw concrete ceiling is finished?

ZEWOTHERM has the solution: A coordinated combination of surface heating and living space ventilation uses the structure for underfloor heating to install the ventilation ducts. The "ZEWO Floor" flat duct network saves a great deal of time and money, both when planning and installing a central living space ventilation system.

The flat duct with the small dimensions of 133 x 52 is ideal for air distribution in the floor/floor duct. The duct network is made of hygienically safe PE-HD/PE-LD. The particularly smooth and dirt-repellent interior helps to keep the air ducts dust-free and suitable for allergy sufferers. All parts and components are flow-optimised and thus guarantee the lowest possible energy consumption. Specially developed flat silencers guarantee flüsterleisen operation. The only visible elements of this intelligent air ducting are shapely cover grilles that discreetly conceal the supply or return air ducts and thus make the system almost invisible. The rolls are delivered to 20 m bundles for easy processing.

The system in detail

The only 52 mm flachen channels are both flexibel and stable. They fit into the insulating layer under the screed. The air duct is integrated into the insulation layer by means of a simple plug-in technology unauffällig The matching string distributors are also installed on the same level. The underfloor heating is installed directly above the ventilation level and the entire structure is sealed with heating screed. Finally, only the design panels are visible from the ventilation network. They discreetly conceal the outlets for the supply and exhaust air. This creates a complete floor structure with a construction height of only 140 mm (without top covering), which intelligently integrates the ventilation concept.


  • Flexible flat channel made of synthetic material
  • Smooth corrugated pipe inside made of regenerate-free PE-HD, thus low pressure loss and less deposits
  •  Simplest processing on the construction site
  • Small bending radius
  • Antistatic and antibacterial
  • Complies with hygiene requirements according to EN ISO 846
  • Fire behaviour classification E

ZEWO AirFlex «round»

The flexible round duct system ensures optimum and safe air distribution in the building and is designed for use as a flexible supply and exhaust duct for central living space ventilation systems. The duct is preferably installed within the concrete level or in the pointed floor area. Due to the hermetic connections, the pipe system is absolutely airtight, economical and hygienic, as no air can escape and no substances can penetrate the pipe from the outside. Due to the small pipe diameter and the click system, the pipe system can be easily and space-savingly laid and flexibly adapted. The pipe consists of physiologically and toxicologically harmless plastic without recycling additives and is therefore odourless, halogen and emission-free, antistatic and antibacterial. The design is blue and corrugated on the outside, white and smooth on the inside for low pressure loss and fewer deposits.


  • Physiologically and toxicologically harmless PE without additives, guaranteed emission-free
  • Quality goods without recycling additives
  • Antistatic and antibacterial
  • Density class D as per DIN EN 12237
  • Odourless 
  • Halogen-free and emission-free
  • Normal flammability building material class E, DIN EN 13501-1
  • Fulfils the hygiene requirements as per DIN EN ISO 846;VDI 6022 

EPP-main channel system

Pipework and insulation in one

The main duct is the connection of the pipe systems and manifolds to the central ventilation device. A distinction is made here between the supply and return air duct with the connection from the KWL unit to the distributors and the fresh air and exhaust air duct from the outside wall to the ventilation device.

ZEWOTHERM offers the EPP pipes in different wall and insulation thicknesses as per DIN 1946 Part 6. In general, it should be noted that the main ventilation pipes may only be used within the thermal building envelope. The EPP pipes are laid on the wall or ceiling using pipe clamps. The heat-insulated EPP pipe system is the perfect alternative to traditional pipework with spiral seam pipes, which must be subsequently insulated. As a completely insulated ventilation pipe made of vapour-tight EPP, the optimum area of application is in the fresh air and exhaust air duct or in the cellar and cold area for the supply and exhaust air duct. The EPP pipes and fittings are simply inserted into each other after cutting, reducing assembly times by more than 70 %. It is also cheaper and easier to process.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Optimum flow characteristics
  • No condensation
  • High noise insulation
  • Odourless
  • Smooth inner surfaces for optimum flow characteristics and easy cleaning
  • Completely thermally insulated round pipe system made of vapour-tight EPP material.


Please find the complete assortment in our current assortment list, which you can find in the download area or which we will be pleased to send you on request.


Good air can be planned

The equipment and all required product components are calculated and determined with the help of the in-house software, taking into account all key data, preferences and specifications. In addition to the appropriate ventilation units, our technical team also provides the system components required for the construction project in the areas of piping packages, silencers, valve inlets and outlets and provides you with perfect design and planning documents for time-saving installation.

In addition, our own, nationwide customer service is available during the commissioning of the system and can be contacted quickly at behilflich in the event of any malfunctions that may occur. More information about our service and support can be found here or on request.

In addition, our online planning tool KWL Profi is at your disposal, so that you can quickly and easily plan projects for central living space ventilation yourself and calculate them with article output. Further information is available here.