Ventilation devices

Convincing in performance, quality, comfort and installation.

The ZEWO Vent ventilation units are equipped with either rotary heat exchangers or cross-counterflow heat exchangers, depending on the area of application.

The benefits at a glance:

  • High energy efficiency standards: All equipment components are carefully selected and assembled to ensure optimum operating efficiency.
  • Quiet operation and easy installation: All units have a sealed, insulated and painted housing and high quality components for quiet operation and easy installation.
  • EC/PM fans: Highly efficient EC/PM (permanent magnet motor) fan motors require significantly less current than AC motors. The controller communicates with the EC/PM motors via Modbus protocol.
  • Rotary heat exchangers: Efficient heat recovery with optimum rotor efficiency. EC motors are also used to achieve optimum performance with low operating costs for the rotary heat exchanger.
  • PLUG & PLAY solution: All devices are pre-wired and have an integrated and automatic control system.
  • RHP solution: Added value for your indoor climate - heating and moisture recovery in winter, cooling and dehumidification in summer. Verflüssigungssatz, coolers or other piping are not necessary.
  • Laboratory-tested devices: Our devices are laboratory-tested.
  • Automatic control systems: The fully integrated control systems ensure reliable operation of the ventilation units, control the preset ventilation parameters and optimise operating costs. Cleverly designed control algorithms allow numerous functional settings to reduce energy consumption while providing comfortable environmental conditions in ventilated rooms. Air quality, operation on demand, night cooling in summer, variable or constant volume flow are just some of the advantages of the system. Integrated Modbus and BACnet protocols allow ZEWO Vent ventilation units to be easily integrated into any building management system. All controllers are easy to operate, have a user-friendly menu, an LCD display with various parameters and touch-sensitive keys make it easy to set the operating modes.


Further technical data, performance classes and other information about our efficient ZEWO Vent ventilation units are available here or on request.