Central living space ventilation

State-of-the-art ventilation

Contemporary living space ventilation is now standard in modern residential and office buildings. ZEWO Air ventilation systems offer you the latest technology in accordance with current building and energy regulations.

With central systems, the ventilation unit is located at a central location, e.g. in the cellar or utility room. The unit is connected to the living rooms via a duct network for fresh air and exhaust air in the floor or ceiling. Central systems are suitable for residential buildings, larger residential units or offices. The ZEWO Air systems convince by an enormous saving potential so up to 75 % of the heat loss can be saved, which is lost by the previous window ventilation. The integrated heat recovery also saves heating costs, because up to 90% of the heat from the exhaust air is transferred to the supply air areas by a heat exchanger - even at outside temperatures as low as -10 °C. The heat recovery system can also be used to reduce the heat loss caused by the existing window ventilation system.

The sophisticated ZEWO Air central system provides the building with a constant supply of clean and fresh outside air and discharges stale air back to the outside. Suitable for allergy sufferers and hygienic 365 days a year.

The ZEWO Air fresh air package includes:

  • Technically sophisticated ZEWO Vent ventilation units with rotary heat exchanger or cross-counterflow heat exchanger
  • Modern, comfortable control elements for individual living comfort
  • Safe, hygienic air distribution thanks to practical air duct systems, above all ZEWO Floor, which intelligently integrates ventilation and heat into the underfloor heating system.
  • Comprehensive service and support with individual advice and planning at the plant or via a practical online planning tool, as well as commissioning by the plant customer service, which is active throughout Germany, if requested.

The principle of central living space ventilation in a short video:


  • Economical energy consumption
  • Efficient heat recovery
  • Easy installation due to compact size and universal side inspection windows 
  • Quiet operation
  • User-friendly, simple and convenient automatic control
  • Healthy indoor climate in the entire building


All ZEWO vent ventilation units are equipped with highly efficient supply and extract air parents of class F7 (supply air) and M5 (extract air). These high-class compact filters are designed to filter fine particles (including pollen) in accordance with the standard and thus contribute to improved indoor air quality. They also protect the ventilation units from dirt and increase the service life of the units.

To ensure good air quality, dirty air filters must be replaced regularly (a diode on the remote indicates when the filters are dirty or need to be replaced).

We recommend replacing the filters twice a year; before and after the heating season, i.e. in autumn and spring. The compact filters are light and easy to replace and are classified according to CEN EN 779 and CEN EN 1882.