ZEWOTHERM Residential ventilation

Fresh air for the most important place in life - your home

Good air is the basic prerequisite for healthy living, working and living. This includes a regular supply of fresh air to create a healthy indoor climate. But who can replace the entire room air every two hours by simply opening the window? With conventional window ventilation, heated room air escapes unhindered to the outside - precious thermal energy is literally "thrown out of the window". This is anything but contemporary and energy-efficient.

Modern ventilation technologies have become indispensable in modern buildings. In low-energy houses and/or passive buildings they are even required by law. DIN 1946-6 requires the use of a KWL ventilation concept. In addition, modern building materials insulate buildings so effectively that pollutants and moisture no longer penetrate to the outside on their own, creating a real "air jam". Inadequate ventilation may result in damp rooms or even mould infestation. By regulating the indoor climate by ventilating the living space, you maintain the building substance and at the same time increase the value of the property.

Safety and protection are further positive aspects of home ventilation. Always closed windows offer increased burglary protection and security for smaller children, for whom open windows pose a high risk. Also the already often asked question is not necessary if you leave the house, if all windows are really closed...

Our systems in the field of controlled domestic ventilation reliably provide fresh air 365 days a year. Regardless of whether the solution is centralised or decentralised - every building is constantly and controlled supplied with fresh air. With efficient heat recovery technology, up to 75% of the heat loss can be saved. Gentle air currents bring the outside air to well-tempered, purified room air, which even allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief from dust and pollen.

So anyone who builds in a future-oriented way plans for automatic ventilation, for which there are also subsidies from the state, the federal government and the federal states. Further information can be found at www.bafa.de and/or www.kfw.de

Depending on the installation situation and requirements, two systems ensure a perfect room climate: