Safely supplied with water and heat

The preservation of drinking water quality in residential buildings and the safeguarding of modern comfort requirements are placing growing demands on the planning and implementation of supply systems. In addition to a reliable hot water supply, the systems should ensure the provision of heat inconspicuously and automatically. Minimum temperatures are regulated for central drinking water systems (outlet temperature min. 60°C, circulation return min. 55°C), which can lead to high heat losses in the buildings and inefficient heat supply. Especially local and district heating suppliers face great challenges due to these high return temperatures. Residents/owners must expect increased investment costs, higher energy and water consumption values, sometimes complicated pipe routes and limited comfort in water supply.

The decentralised ZEWO Loft home stations combine the advantages of central heat generation and decentralised DHW heating. In multi-storey residential buildings and/or apartment blocks, they ensure individual, demand-optimised and above all hygienic DHW heating and provision of heating. Each housing unit is equipped with the easy-to-install home station, which uses state-of-the-art plate heat exchangers to heat the drinking water in flow-through mode, removes the water from the supply pipe for the heating heat and feeds it to the appropriate heating circuit.

The ZEWO Loft apartment stations in the PREMIUM and OBJECT versions offer intelligent technology that can be used individually for every building project thanks to its modular design. Compactly equipped with all required components such as system distributor, drinking water circulation set, heating circuit pump as well as other fittings in surface-mounted or flush-mounted cabinets. The user and/or owner benefits from maximum energy efficiency and simple, demand-oriented billing for energy and water without meters in the kitchen and bathroom.


  • 20 % lower ancillary heating costs compared with central hot water preparation
  • No obligation to investigate according to DVGW due to decentralised water supply
  • Individual, high hot water comfort
  • Simple commissioning
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Compact design
  • For new and old buildings


The Drinking Water Ordinance is deemed to have been fulfilled if the "recognised rules of technology" are observed in water extraction, treatment and distribution. These are clearly defined in DVGW AB 551. The decentralised ZEWO Loft home stations are exempt from this obligation to be tested (pipe volume of < 3 litres). They take into account the high requirements of drinking water hygiene and the (stricter) legal regulations for multi-family houses on the one hand and the comfort requirements and individuality of modern tenants on the other.