Comfortable warmth perfectly controlled

In the building, ZEWOTHERM room thermostats with user-friendly, simple control of the heat pump system provide the individual feel-good temperature. Convenient temperature control can be cabled, radio-based or via App. Programmable room controllers and smart home products also allow the user to set switching times and temperature levels defined for day and time. Wireless systems are becoming increasingly important, especially in the field of building renovation. In addition, room sensors measure the relative humidity within a room to prevent it from falling below the dew point.

ZEWOTHERM offers you state-of-the-art controllers for every requirement and need. The ZEWOTHERM web server enables connection of the heat pump for integration into LAN/WLAN/Internet. A simple plug&play configuration is possible via the Siemens portal.


  • Settings can be changed at any time
  • Faults are reported immediately before the building can cool down
  • Safe and efficient operation of the entire plant
  • Control via Smartphone with comfortable SiemensApp