ZEWO Heat pumps TERRA AL 60 Max

High Power for large objects

The TERRA AL 60 Max air heat pump meets the high but also efficient power requirements of large buildings. With a heat output of 60 kW per unit - or up to 300 kW in cascade - this heat pump can supply heat to large systems such as hotels, residential and commercial buildings or industrial buildings.

This maximum aligned efficient heat pump contains two machines: At the heart of the high-performance system are two scroll-capsule compressors with generously dimensioned, copper-brazed and insulated plate heat exchangers as condensers. In the air heat pump, the evaporators are also separated and each has its own particularly quiet running fan with owl blade technology.

The heat pump complies with current EU standards and regulations. The refrigerant used is R410A filled. The equipment variant with process reversal can also be cooled.

A comprehensive range of product accessories for control, connection to the heating side, for cooling, etc. can be found in the PREMIUM total price list for heat pumps, which can be found in the Downloadarea.


  • High COP of 3.52 for low energy consumption
  • Sound Reduction System SRS for quiet operation
  • 2 compressors for power adjustment and low energy consumption
  • Navigator 2.0 control for optimizing energy consumption and comfort
  • Voice control of the most important functions
  • Low construction
  • Optional cooling

Simply perfectly controlled

The intelligent control of the heat pump is carried out via a modern 7" touch panel. In addition to simple operation, it also includes extensive features that can be used to increase living comfort and optimise energy utilisation. Click here for more information.