Air heat pump iPump 2-7 kW / 3-11 kW

The technological space miracle with integrated hot water tank

The compact heat pump from the PREMIUM series heats, cools and provides hot water throughout the building.

The modulating air-water heat pump in split design is equipped with inverter-controlled rotary piston compressor (design 2-7 kW) or scroll capsule compressor (3-11 kW). Active cooling is possible as standard. Thanks to the latest inverter technology, stepless power adjustment is possible. The speed-controlled compressor therefore only generates the energy that is actually needed.

The integrated domestic hot water storage tank delivers up to 432 litres of bulk capacity and thus sufficient water for the entire house. With the integrated boost function (in combination with heating rod), the water is heated up to 75 °C (with heating rod).

The cold-side connection lines to the outdoor unit can be connected either to the right or left side of the indoor unit. The connections for heating / hot water and the connection for the LAN connection are located at the top.

The heat pump complies with current EU standards and regulations. The indoor unit is filled with R410A safety refrigerant and factory tested for functionality. The outdoor unit is prefilled with Stickstoff . Refrigerant must be refilled from a pipe length of 6 m between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The indoor unit and outdoor unit can be separated by a maximum of 20 m and placed with a maximum height difference of 10 m. The outdoor unit can be placed at a maximum distance of 20 m from the indoor unit. Up to a pipe length of 15 m, no annual leak test is required.

A comprehensive range of product accessories for control, connection to the heating side, for cooling, etc. can be found in the PREMIUM total price list for heat pumps, which can be found in the downloadarea.


  • Extremely quiet operation
  • For new construction and renovation
  • Frost-proof connection to outdoor unit
  • Hot water tank: 200 l capacity
  • Optimized annual coefficient of performance through inverter technology
  • Low space requirement - only 0.45 m²
  • Heating, cooling AND hot water
  • Photovoltaic integration
  • Voice control of the most important functions
  • Control NAVIGATOR 2.0 with 7" touch display
  • EHPA quality tested

Technical data

Energy efficiency class:
Space heating WW*
Heating capacity [kW]
2,06 - 7,552,80 - 10,20
Electrical connection230 V400 V
EHPA cachet
Process reversal
Hot water tank200 lt.200 lt.

*EEK according to EU regulation no. 811/2013 for space heating and WW, VL 35°C/55°C, for medium climate, for heat pumps < 70 kW

Simply perfectly controlled

The intelligent control of the heat pump is carried out via a modern 7" touch panel. In addition to simple operation, it also includes extensive features that can be used to increase living comfort and optimise energy utilisation. Click here for more information.