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The ZEWOTHERM «PREMIUM» heat pumps are highly efficient air/water heat pumps in split design, which are also available as monoblock systems (e.g. for large systems) depending on the design. They use the free environmental energy from the air to reliably supply the entire building with heat. This environmentally friendly heating system works without emissions in the house. In addition, it does not need its own boiler room and/or storage room. The energy from the ambient air is simply harnessed with electric current for the heating system and domestic hot water heating. If the heat pump is also operated with green electricity or from self-generated electricity (e.g. from a PV system), the heating system shines in every ecological and cost balance.

Best values for your energy requirements

The new «PREMIUM» segment of ZEWOTHERM heat pumps realises economical, efficient and above all environmentally friendly heating and cooling without compromise in every building project, both in new buildings and in renovation projects. All heat pumps comply with the current BAFA subsidy guidelines and therefore offer a special financial incentive.

Thus, the heat pumps «PREMIUM» are not only environmentally friendly in energy production, but also economical in operation. They achieve constantly high COPs (COP stands for "Coeffcient of Performance"). The higher the COP, the lower the heat pump's electricity consumption. All energy-relevant data are listed in our download area or are available on request.

But the heat pump is not solely responsible for the economic operation of the heating system: the heat transfer system - the flow temperature and the coordination of heat distribution in the house - also plays an equally important role. Therefore the combination of heat pump and surface heating is an "energetic dream pair", which reaches best values for environment and purse in the combination with one another. And the user himself also contributes to the responsible use of energy, e.g. a room temperature of 24°C requires significantly more energy than a temperature of 21°C (which is completely sufficient).

ZEWOTHERM PREMIUM heat pumps use electricity intelligently and are SG-ready as standard. In the future, an intelligent power grid will integrate all participants in the power grid. These are the power generators, power grids, power storages and also consumers. The aim is to compensate for peaks in the electricity grid by matching production time and consumption time. There are peaks in consumption, but also in electricity production, which is dependent on the season, time of day and weather, especially in the case of green electricity. Since an intelligent grid cannot function in such a way that consumers can be switched on or off at will, the control system will function via the electricity price. Electricity will therefore be cheaper in a smart grid if it is available in surplus, and more expensive if demand is high.

But be assured: With ZEWOTHERM heat pumps you lay a good foundation for modern heating, low energy costs and maximum living comfort. In doing so, you meet the holistic and personal requirements of "ENERGY. CONSCIOUS. LIFE." every day anew.


  • For new construction and renovation
  • For private buildings and large-scale facilities (e.g. hotels, office buildings)
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Optimized annual coefficient of performance through modulating inverter technology
  • Best COP values, therefore BAFA eligible
  • Photovoltaic connection

The ZEWOTHERM PREMIUM heat pump family:


We also offer brine heat pumps on request. Please ask for details!

Each heat pump of the >>PREMIUM<< series is manufactured and delivered exactly according to specification. Due to this individual combination delivery times between three and four weeks are possible. Please dispose in time.