Generating heat advantageously

The unit concept of the ZEWOTHERM heat pumps is based on the latest air/water heat pump technology in split technology; i.e. the outdoor and indoor units are separated from each other and connected to each other by refrigeration lines. All product variants have a coaxial tube heat exchanger in stainless steel buffer. This "tube-in-tube" technology with low-corrosion materials (copper/brass) ensures low pressure loss; the large surface with large cross-sections makes it insensitive to contamination.

Heat pumps are available with different output levels (COMFORT and HIGH POWER) and in SINGLE and DUO versions. The latter already advantageously integrates an efficient drinking water storage tank, which can thus be implemented even in the smallest of spaces. It enables a power output of up to 60°C and covers the hot water supply in a detached house.

All heat pumps are equipped with an SG-Ready function, which makes it possible to control the device in an intelligent power grid and thus further reduce energy costs. The power is fed in by the energy supplier or by electricity generated by the user (e.g. photovoltaic system).

The air/water heat pump can be adapted as required to a heat distribution system with heating circuits with different flow temperatures via an expansion kit.

All ZEWOTHERM heat pumps are pre-assembled and pre-piped ready for installation so that the connection to the heating and water pipes can be made directly and easily.


  • Ready-to-install product solutions, pre-piped and low-maintenance
  • For new construction & renovation, with or without integrated hot water tank
  • Powerful Inverter/ LCI Technology
  • Coaxial heat exchanger insensitive to dirt
  • All devices SG-ready (use of own electricity by PV system)
  • Are not subject to the otherwise usual annual refrigeration inspection!
  • Heating/cooling function
  • NO chimney sweep
  • NO contamination
  • NO dangerous fuels in the house
  • LOW maintenance costs
  • EASY Installation