Heat pumps «DUO»

The appliance concept of the "DUO" product line combines powerful split heat pumps with an integrated DHW cylinder and can therefore be implemented even in the smallest of spaces. The cylinder enables a direct output of up to 60 °C and covers, for example, the hot water supply in a single-family house. The heat pumps are pre-assembled and pre-piped ready for installation so that the heating and water pipes can be connected directly and easily.

All ZEWOTHERM heat pumps have an SG-Ready function, which makes it possible to control the device in an intelligent (smart) power grid and thus reduce energy costs. Either from the energy supplier or via your own photovoltaic system. The high performance of the HIGH-POWER devices is achieved by a combination of inverter technology and coaxial heat exchanger. When used with ZEWOTHERM panel heating, all heat pumps achieve energy efficiency class A++.