ZEWOTHERM Heat pumps

Rely on environmentally friendly environmental energy

The heat pump is an environmentally friendly heating system that uses the outside air to convert it into reliable heat. By the clean and economical use of the limitless available environmental energy it is one of the first choices in the field of regenerative energy production. All parts of the house are reliably supplied with heat - from the living area to the bathroom to the swimming pool.

Make yourself independent of fossil fuels such as gas or oil and the associated price increases. Furthermore, with a heat pump you not only save energy and money, but also protect the environment. Since clean technology does not know a combustion process, more than two tons of CO² per heat pump per year can be saved compared to a fossil heating system. As space heating and water heating are responsible for 40 % of all greenhouse gas emissions, these are significantly reduced by the heat pumps. There are also no costs for chimney sweeps and there is no pollution in the house as there is no need to store fossil fuels.

ZEWOTHERM heat pumps are based on the latest air/water heat pump technology, the most frequently used heat pump technology in Germany. With this solution, for example, compared to geothermal heat pumps, no preparatory work/earth drilling is necessary, which is costly and involves an intervention in nature before you can even heat in an environmentally friendly way.

Heat pump and underfloor heating - an energetic dream couple

In combination with surface heating, the heat pump is the first choice; because the smaller the temperature difference between the heat source (air) and the heat consumer (surface heating), the more economical the heat pump is. The ZEWO heat pumps in combination with the ZEWO panel heating achieve energy efficiency class A++.

Furthermore, both components form an "ideal cast", because one and the same system cools summer in summer and heats in winter. This creates a comfortable room climate all year round. In addition, the combination with surface heating and/or component activation enables a passive cooling function that cools up to 3° below outside temperature.

The ZEWOTHERM heat pumps can be used purely for heating buildings, for combined heating and hot water preparation as well as for cooling in summer (with optionally available cooling function kit). For each application there is the right product package with or without integrated DHW cylinder in the respective product lines HIGH-POWER or COMFORT.

The ZEWOTHERM range offers a corresponding cascade extension with a heating capacity of up to 48 KW for the simple realisation of larger capacities (e.g. several residential units), which can combine up to three heat pumps with each other. Further information is available on request.

No matter whether you want to build a new heating system or bring it up to date. The heat pump supplies you reliably with hot water 365 days a year. Perfectly matched to your heating target, we supply you with the right product solution!


  • Ready-to-install product solutions, pre-piped and low-maintenance
  • For new construction & renovation, with or without integrated hot water tank
  • Powerful Inverter/ LCI Technology
  • Dirt-insensitive coaxial heat exchanger
  • All devices SG-ready (use of own electricity by PV system)
  • Are not subject to the otherwise usual annual refrigeration inspection!
  • Heating/cooling function
  • NO chimney sweep
  • No contamination
  • NO dangerous fuels in the house
  • LOW maintenance costs
  • EASY Installation 

With extremely low operating costs of only 1 kWh of energy, up to 5 kWh of heat can be generated; and these "costs" are further reduced in connection with the use of own electricity, e.g. by a PV system - the ZEWOTHERM heat pumps have an SG-ready function.

The independence from rising costs and increasingly scarce resources is complemented by low annual operating costs. In addition, there is no combustion process, which saves the environment nitrogen oxides and other harmful substances.

Consequently, there are no costs for chimney sweeps, no maintenance and no dirt in the house. The modern heat pump technology in air/water technology also eliminates the need for costly preparatory work, as costly boreholes in the ground are no longer required.

The heat pump demonstrably reduces the use of primary energy and protects the environment through considerable CO2 emissions compared to conventional fuels such as oil or gas.


Service & Support

We stand for a smooth implementation of your heat pump concept. In addition to expert advice, precise planning and smooth processing, our in-house customer service department is also available to guarantee rapid installation and commissioning of the heat pumps if required. This service is also available nationwide and therefore also in your vicinity. We look forward to implementing your heat pump concept with you.