Secure in a system network

The certified system ZEWO Press <<<PREMIUM>> in the field of sanitary/drinking water installation consists of the high-quality ZEWOTHERM metal composite pipe sanitary and fittings in press connection technology, which covers all common installation situations. The combination results in a permanently safe connection technology for the simple installation of sanitary and heating systems. Of course, the ZEWO Press <<PREMIUM>> system fully complies with the new Drinking Water Ordinance.

Reliable test control after installation: This test control has more than proven itself in practice. A so-called "forced leakage" makes unpressed connections immediately clear by water leakage (tested at normal system pressure). This makes it possible to check the entire installation at the same time. At the same time, the transparent ring of the fittings guarantees a reliable overview of whether the fitting is correctly seated on the pipe.

Figure 1: Fitting unpressed / Figure 2: LEAKING connection (Fitting unpressed and tested) / Figure 3: DENSITY connection (Fitting pressed and tested)

The processing of the system is quick and easy thanks to the selected tools. It is adapted to the maximum TH contour but is also compatible with the H and B profiles. The extensive range includes an extensive assortment of all common products in the dimensions 16 - 63.

The system also enables safe, simple and quick installation of the required connections for radiators - whether from the wall, the floor, distributors or risers, in single-family homes or in large-scale projects.

Technical data

  • Max. Operating temperature: 95° C
  • Max. Operating pressure: 10 bar / 70° C / 50 years
  • Peak temperature: 100 °C (according to ISO 10508/UNI 10954)
  • Thermal load test: According to DVGW Code of Practice W534 (under test at IMA Dresden)


  • Forced leakage "unpressed-untight"
  • 100 % unleaded 
  • For all drinking water qualities
  • DVGW-inspected 
  • Optimally matched to the TH contour
  • Comprehensive range of fittings for all installation situations


The installation of multi-layer composite pipe installation systems for hot and cold water in enclosed buildings is regulated by the European standard UNI EN ISO 21003-2:2011. This standard specifies the characteristics of the installation systems in connection with multi-layer composite pipes in both the drinking water and heating sectors. It should be noted that the standard refers exclusively to the "complete system", i.e. pipe and fitting, and its tested components, which are tested and certified in their entirety during the EN 21003 test cycle. Only the components specified in the certificate guarantee the full integrity of the system.


The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has laid down binding evaluation principles for materials and materials in contact with drinking water in accordance with the amended Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV 2001). For the ZEWO-Press system, only the listed brass material "CW617N" (CuZn40Pb2) is used, which meets all requirements of DIN 50930-6.

Constant quality controls and external monitoring guarantee reliability, compliance with applicable standards and the guarantee of high quality standards.

We also recommend the annual inspection of the processing tools.