Quality for the highest good

In addition to the proven system ZEWO Press <<PREMIUM>> made of brass, the new ZEWO Press "PPSU" is a modern alternative/supplement for users who like to work with lightweight plastic systems. Selected products in the most common dimensions can be processed quickly and easily with the TH contour.

100 % lead-free, neutral in the application of drinking water and can be installed in just a few working steps. It also has a reliable test control system that has proven itself in practice. This "forced leakage" makes unpressed connections immediately obvious through water leakage. This makes it possible to check the entire installation at the same time. During processing, a white PPSU guide ring ensures safe grouting even in areas that are difficult to access. Thanks to the guide ring, the pipe lies precisely in the pressing jaw and thus guarantees a connection without cavities. Two O-rings prevent the penetration of oxygen. The insertion depth of the pipe is visible through three control windows. Best ZETA values are achieved by flow-optimized contour/largest possible passage area.

Processing of the system is quick and easy due to the selected tools. It is maximally adapted to the TH contour and, together with the ZEWO metal composite pipe "Sanitary", results in a perfect and safe installation technology. Furthermore, the PPSU fittings are compatible with the ZEWO Press "PREMIUM" brass fittings.

Technical data

  • Max. Operating temperature: 95 °C
  • Max. Operating pressure: 10 bar / 70 °C / 50 years
  • Peak temperature: 100 °C ( as per ISO 10508/UNI 10954)
  • Thermal load test: According to DVGW Code of Practice W534 (under investigation at the IMA Dresden)


  • Forced leakage "unpressed-untight"
  • 100 % unleaded
  • For all drinking water qualities
  • Flow-optimized contour
  • Made in Germany
  • Hygienically individually packed in a bag