ZEWO Metal composite pipe «Sanitary»

Quality perfectly coated

The high-quality ZEWOTHERM metal composite pipe is a product of the latest generation, which is manufactured from polyethylene using the latest manufacturing technologies in polymer processing. It combines the advantages of a plastic pipe with those of a metal pipe, it is equally flexible and robust, extremely resistant to pressure and heat, hygienic and easy to install. The bending-resistant aluminium jacket guarantees 100% oxygen and water vapour diffusion tightness and other gaseous materials. This barrier layer protects against possible transmission of odours and corrosion, which could lead to damage to the system over time. The smooth surface also makes the inside of the pipe unassailable for normal elements present in the water. Friction points are excluded and deposits are avoided which could result in subsequent corrosion.

The 5-layer metal composite pipe consists of a base pipe extruded from temperature-resistant polyethylene. In the co-extrusion process, a thin adhesive layer (primer) is applied on the outside and provided with a 0.2 mm thick aluminium layer, butt welded and calibrated onto the inner pipe. In the coating process, a further adhesive layer and outer cover layer of polyethylene are then applied. This uniform pipe structure with minimised thermal expansion ensures a permanent connection due to the two adhesive layers. The combination of plastic and aluminium makes this pipe durable and safe.

In combination with the press connectors, this results in a reliable, certified system for the installation of heating and drinking water systems.

Fields of application

  • Drinking water and heating installations, floor and wall heating as well as cooling ceilings
  • Drinking water installations: Surface and flush-mounted installations as well as risers and cellar distributions can be realised.
  • Heating installations: The pipes are suitable for all types of heat distribution, radiator connections and underfloor heating as well as for cooling ceilings and wall heating.

Pipe construction

  • Inner pipe PE-RT type II with DVGW approval
  • Adhesive layer
  • Aluminium blunt welded
  • Adhesive layer
  • PE heat-stabilized white


The ZEWO metal composite pipe in combination with the Conlit 150 U or Rockwool 800 fire protection pipe shells meets the special requirements for smoke tightness, heat/sound and fire protection for wall and ceiling ducts of flammable and non-combustible pipes.