Committed to the environment

With all the diversity in the systems, we never lose sight of the essentials and the values of our thinking and acting. We stand for responsible action towards people, the environment and resources. As a medium-sized family business, sustainability has always been one of the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. Long-term thinking and acting, assuming responsibility for social issues, reliability for business partners and employees are cultivated and further developed with a view to future generations.

According to the motto "Avoid. Reduce. Recycling", responsible environmental management covers all areas of the company - from product development, raw material procurement, production and logistics to product recycling. ZEWOTHERM understands the legal regulations as a minimum requirement and strives to achieve a high and sustainable level of environmental protection throughout the entire corporate group.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that we subject our products to regular quality controls in order to ensure that they are ecologically harmless. Our EPS insulation boards have been manufactured with polymer FR since mid-2014. After further testing, it was confirmed that our EPS insulating materials do not contain HBCD and therefore do not require separate disposal. In addition, we try to reduce the production of print products as much as possible in the interests of the environment. All company relevant information documents are therefore available as downloads and on various platforms as working documents such as OXOMI.

Should you have any further questions regarding the environmental compatibility of our products, please do not hesitate to contact our staff!

Economical thinking and acting

Living & Working in Balance

We are constantly working on the balance between economic, ecological and social goals. Energy efficiency, protection of the environment and resources are not only the demands we make on our heating and energy systems during subsequent operation, but also in the purchase of raw materials and starting materials and in the manufacture of components. Our products are produced on state-of-the-art production facilities that are energy-efficient and cost-saving.

For example, our raw materials polyurethane, expanded polystyrene and polyethylene are the ideal basis for maximum insulation values with minimum thickness. From this follows: Maximum energy efficiency and cost savings. Production takes place without waste water and completely free of HCFCs, HFCs and HBCDs. Our products can thus be perfectly recycled at the end of the day and the energy required for production is fed into our own PV system.

Our credo - minimum energy consumption with maximum material utilisation - is met by high recycling rates and low waste quantities. Our selected suppliers and partners in logistics and disposal also contribute to environmentally conscious production and disposal processes. They are friends of our philosophy and therefore irreplaceable for our work.

We live what we do:
The system idea at the example of Remagen

The company headquarters in Remagen was of course built with the system concept in mind; daily operations are also "systematic", i.e. energy and environmental awareness is ensured by the interaction of well thought-out systems. For example, highly efficient thermal insulation, powerful heat pumps, efficient surface heating and cooling systems, controlled domestic ventilation with heat recovery and a 300 KWp photovoltaic system ensure that the energy consumption of buildings and the production, storage and logistics halls is very low and a good indoor climate is created.

For example, we use the electricity produced by the PV system for production and continuous operation; the highly efficient heat pumps provide heat to feel good at work. The buildings are constantly supplied with fresh air through our living space ventilation system with heat recovery.