Public buildings

Children's day-care centre "Klein Herl" in Cologne-Buchheim

In the Buchheim district of Cologne, a new day-care centre has been built. In order to create a comfortable climate for the small residents throughout the building, the operator decided to use panel heating for heating. The ZEWOTHERM tacker system, proven millions of times over, was installed on an area of 757 m².

Nordmannhotel, Harz

The Aktivhotel Nordmann offers a successful combination of active and passive recreation in the Harz nature reserve. The traditional riding and sports hotel offers its guests exclusive suites, a spacious wellness area, upscale hotel cuisine as well as sophisticated conference and sports facilities. Everything intelligently and naturally integrated into the picturesque landscape. ZEWOTHERM was allowed to actively accompany the owners in various "creative construction phases" and to contribute the planning and products for efficient surface temperature control, control and regulation as well as the composite pipe system "ZEWO Press" for the extensions and conversions.

Munich Airport New construction Satellite Terminal 2

In April 2016, the so-called satellite for Terminal 2 at Munich Airport went into operation. The "satellite" is a functional and operational extension of Terminal 2, consisting of a check-in area, lounges and shopping & gastronomy facilities. Spacious, clearly structured, light-flooded rooms as well as bright materials and colors also ensure good orientation in the satellite. In cooperation with the company Climalevel from Cologne, the claim to an overall energy concept in the area of the panel heating (system Trägermatte) was realised on more than 20,000 m² in the handling area.

Freie Evangeliums-Christengemeinde e.V., Lahr

As impressive as the building itself are the numbers with which it can be described: 50 metres long, 22 metres wide, 18 metres high, 1000 people can be seated in the church hall. The building is divided into a higher, five-storey part at the front and the elongated nave. ZEWOTHERM supplied the surface heating (knob system) for more than 2,000 m².