Office buildings and major commercial projects

1,300 m² underfloor heating creates climate for good food

The company "L&D" has been successfully active on the market as a gastronomic service provider for almost 40 years. With 12th place, it is one of the top caterers in Germany. The caterer serves around 40,000 guests a day in companies, federal ministries and administration via its 85 employee restaurants. For the employees of the head office, a modern new building was built in the Innovationspark Grafschaft Ringen, conveniently connected to Cologne, Bonn and Koblenz.

The two-storey new building was planned, equipped and realised at the end of 2016 according to the most modern measures. Individual wishes were met as far as possible, so that a pleasant ambience with large window areas, sufficient social rooms and completely barrier-free workplaces could be realised.

Energy efficiency also played a major role. In addition to the complete project planning and heating surface design for the 56 rooms of the new building according to EN 442 / EN 1264, around 13,000 m of pipe including distribution and control technology were used. Everything fitted precisely and on schedule to the construction site. The pipes were laid with the ZEWO Tacker complete system, including system insulation and EPS additional insulation made of expanded polystyrene, completely free of CFCs and HCFCs. Other accessories for the installation were also supplied completely from a single source. The PREMIUM stainless steel system distributors connect the pipes via 61 heating circuits. The low installation depth of only 86 mm played a special role. The control technology, from room thermostats to actuators to compression fittings, was also planned, assembled and supplied in the system to fit exactly.

Profi Parts, Koblenz

In the service center in Bubenheim near Koblenz the new headquarters of the company Profi-Parts was built. The construction phase consists of a logistics hall with a sales and administration building, which was designed in a sustainable and energy-efficient "Green Building" style. The ZEWOTHERM tacker system was used here on more than 2,000 m².

Capricorn, Nürburgring (Eifel)

The capricorn COMPOSITE manufacturing facility in Meuspath is located in the immediate vicinity of the famous Nürburgring. This is where high-performance components for racing are developed and manufactured. ZEWOTHERM provides the necessary climate for the exceptional quality of the products with the supplied industrial floor heating systems and the tacker system on 3,500 m².

Bestmann Messebau International GmbH, Remagen

In the direct vicinity of ZEWOTHERM GmbH in Remagen new premises of Bestmann Messebau International GmbH have been created. The internationally positioned company designs, plans and implements exhibition stands at home and abroad and presents its range of services on around 500 m² in the new premises. On the ground floor (approx. 220 m²) the ZEWOTHERM component activation with PE-Xa pipe was installed and on the upper floor on approx. 280 m² our tacker system including additional insulation was installed. The installation of the surface heating systems took place including heating circuit distributors, distribution cabinets as well as all components of the control technology.